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Conesus Tiger/Pike tournament!!!

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Two questions,if you register on line and print/sign the release form can you get there late and still be in? A friend asked me who wants to go but can’t get there until 8 or so. Also,there was some discussion earlier on allowing fish under 30” to be entered for a point or two. How did that end up? I don’t care either way I just want to be clear. Thanks

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Sure he can show up late one thing we would ask is that he takes a pic of the fish with the buttons we pass out so we can make arrangements to get him one of those buttons.  As for the under 30" fish counting we never got to the bottom of it I will send out a email to the membership to see how they would like to proceed and get back to you.  As of now I would say stick with the 30" rule unless the guys decide otherwise

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First time fishing that lake , Fishing was tough , lots of boats out there. We hooked up early 4th cast 32 northern, then few hour drought, managed 2 more smaller pike. Had some large bass follows though. Was a  nice tournament, will definitely do it again. 

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It was nice to see everyone there. This was the second time fishing the lake for my buddy Travis and I, we found a couple tigers early on the north end trolling by 8:30 and then it was slow for a while with a couple pike trolled by 12:30. Around 1:30 we had an exciting and very disappointing visit from what looked to be about a 30lb CARP that was tail hooked. Sonthats always a nice surprise.
Shortly after that roller coaster ride we had a board blow but dropped the fish soon after it hit.
So we ended up with 2 tigers, 2 pike, a dirty carp, and nice pointy tooth with a hook through it right at the buzzer.

At least we got some good eats afterwards!!! Thanks Old Man!

Great job running the tournament Chapter 69, looking forward to doing it again next year.

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