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Honeoye Fishing in Honeoye and Conesus

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1 hour ago, earltwitty said:

How's the fishing and boating so far in Honeoye and Conesus? Looks like Irondequoit Bay is done for a few months


The Bay should be red hot now, why is it all done?

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I went snooping around Basil's a couple weeks ago and it looks like you need a pass code to get through a security gate to access the dock in order to launch. I tried to find someone to talk to and the little shop at the launch was open but there was no one to be found. I've been launching at Mayers but you need knee high boots (or preferably waders) to launch there. If you've got 2 people you're all set but you've still got to back WAY in. I got it launched, waded back to the drivers seat, closed my door and water splashed up on me. That's how high the water is. I asked them if I could pay in advance for a few launches because I usually launch after they're closed and they politely declined because they didn't know if they'd have to shut it down. The water is still rising and the dock is very feeble.

Nonetheless, I picked up 3 on Sunday night. 19" 21' and 22".

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