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Torpedo speed and temp

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Just wondering if anyone is using the torpedo speed and temp with a depth raider.


Any info good or bad would be great.


Just debating too use it, or just use the original coated cable from depth raider.


Not sure if it will go on scotty or cannon rigger.



Thanks in advance.




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I have the DRx-10 Depth Raider.  I used torpedo speed and temp for a year or so.  I stopped because it tended to twist or untwist after several outings even with a ball bearing swivel and was a bit of a pain to re-terminate.  The other issue I had was the PIC voltage on my cannon downrigger would cause the Depth Raider to read erratically until I insulated the antenna coil from the metal sheath on the torpedo cable.  At the end of the day I did not notice any improvement depth range and since I had to service the torpedo cable more often than with a coated cable, I went back to the coated cable. 

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I ran the torpedo cable on my depth raider for one season.  Didn’t see any performance benefit and was more difficult to terminate.  Also seemed pretty fragile.  Went back to coated cable.

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