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After a long day Friday fishing in Reelin for a Cure I was too exhausted to make the morning run. So I decided on a afternoon run and took out LOU member wishinfishin to hopefully get him in on some good fishing. With the flip that happened I decided to run Offshore for couple hrs then if we wanted to pack up and run in tight for the last 2 hrs. We ran straight off the nose to 450fow and set up on a north troll. Once we broke 500 we starting get bit with a decent steelhead bite on the cheaters and ten color. We generated 6 bites over the course of two hrs 5 steelhead and one mature king. We then decided to try and setup in the inside. We dropped in 150 of water and were greeted with the intense cold. We looked at blanks screens all the way into 70fow. With 2 hrs to go we pulled the plug and ran all way back offshore to the 30 line in a north troll with the intentions of filling his box. It didn’t take long and the bites started right up. Everything was off the riggers and ten colors. About an hr before dark they really went in the feed and we boxed him out . Great trip out



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Jeremy, I cant say thank you enough for taking me out,

Had a blast , cant remember the exact number of bites but somewhere around 12-15.?

East wind and still put us on fish.

We pretty much had the lake to ourselves after the storm blew through.


Hope we can get together again soon,!


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14 for 14 ain’t to shabby[emoji6]. Pleasure meeting you. We’ll be out Saturday morning if end up coming up this way bring a radio and we’ll tag long side each other.. We have our last leg of the bald eagle tournament.



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