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Avon Anglers Elite Icefishing tourney - $10,000.00 payout!!!

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$10,000 payout, but what's the prize structure? And how many teams have to enter to get to that payout? Not that it matters much to me...good opportunity to fish the South end of the lake! I've no illusions about being able to put together a winning bag, especially of all three species. If I were a betting man, though, I'd guess that guys who've got some insights into the crappie on that lake will clean up. 1 lb+ bluegill are commonplace (well, common enough anyway), but big perch and crappie are more likely to win the tournament. I've seen honest 3 lb+ crappie from Honeoye. That's alot of weight if you can get into them. Five crappie alone could put you in the money.

Give me a call if you're fishing Thursday.


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Here it is:

Presents The

2009 Ice Masters Elite

Ice Fishing Tournament

Saturday February 28, 2009

$100.00 / Team (2 man Teams only)

$5.00 optional Sunfish lunker pot

*$10,000.00 payout - *Based on participation

Plaques awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place

Click Here For Entry Form

Honeoye Lake (North End) @

Sandy Bottom

Registration: 7:00am – 8:00am Sandy Point

Weigh-in: Sandy Point Parking Lot / 2:30pm

Pre-registration encouraged, Must be received by 2/18/2009

Mail check or money order to: Avon Anglers Unlimited, P.O. Box 101, Avon, NY 14414

Most weight combined / 5 Perch – 5 Sunfish – 5 Crappie

(Sunfish can be either Bluegill or Pumpkinseed)


Warren Goodenow (585) 786-8798 – Ice Fishing Director

Dale Rathbun (585) 243-0644 – Asst: Ice Fishing Dir.

Bill Snover – (585) 489-9965 – Asst: Ice Fishing Dir.

Elmer Ross – (585) 257-5015 – Asst: Ice Fishing Dir.

Ken McGee (585) 226-3149 – Tournament Director

Rules for 2009 Avon Anglers Ice Masters Elite

1) Participants may fish with or without a portable fish house

2) No third party fishing during the event. Each team must fish alone.

No families or friends may fish within established tournament boundaries.

3) Participants may fish with only one line at a time. No exceptions.

4) Fish that are being weighed must be kept alive in a five gallon bucket half full of water No Ice

5) There is no limit to the number of hole participants can drill. Participants can fish in any open hole.

6) Teams may not fish closer than 10 feet from another team.

7) No culling at the scales

8) Participants must fish within the designated tournament area. Southern boundary will be clearly marked from shore to shore at California Ranch.

9) Pre-fishing on the lake the day of the tournament is prohibited

10) During legal fishing hours on tournament day, team members cannot be more than 30 paces away from one another.

11) There will be a fish house and bucket inspection the morning of the tournament, before participants are allowed to proceed onto the ice. Inspection will start at 7:00am (Have everything opened and ready for inspectors.)

12) Tournament will start at 8:00am. You must return to the official tournament weigh station by 2:00pm sharp, with all your fish culled and ready to be weighed at 2:30pm

13) . Teams late to weigh-in will be disqualified.

14) Cars and trucks will not be permitted inside the tournament area during event.

15) All fish caught and equipment used will be the responsibility of the fisherman and must comply with all NYS Fishing & Game Laws.

16) Snowmobiles and ATV’s can be used if possible; Avon Anglers will make final decision on whether ice conditions are satisfactory for snowmobile & ATV use.

17) Over the count limit disqualifies largest fish. Weight is subtracted from total.

18) Most weight combined 5 Perch / 5 Crappie (9â€) / 5 Bluegill per tournament.

(Sunfish can be either bluegill or pumpkin seed)

19) Winners will be subjected to a polygraph test.

20) Identity tags must be on shelter / sled / bucket as well as person

21) If a team witnesses a violation of these rules it is the obligation of that team to notify an official immediately.

22) No Alcoholic beverages allowed during tournament hours. Violators will be disqualified from the tournament.

23) AAU reserves the right to refuse entry for any reason deemed by the tournament director.

24) To preserve the integrity of the field, the tournament director may disqualify a team at any time

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