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Cayuga Cayuga 12/22

Reel Doc

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A knee issue has kept me off the water and mostly out of the woods the past 2 months so very excited to get out this morning.  Strong South wind made it kind of snotty out there but the fish didn't care about the surface conditions.  North out of Dean's to get the push of the wind and ran a simple tight formation of 2 downriggers carrying spoons with sliding cheaters down 35-70 and a long copper carrying a flasher fly down the chute.  Everything caught fish and was boxed out in 2 hours.  Nothing huge, all 20-24 inches and some smaller ones tossed back.   Took over a half hour to bounce through the waves back to Dean's but no complaints here.   An early Christmas present to be on the water....can't wait to get out again!!


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