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Best boat cover? Custom canvas?


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Hi all, I just rebuilt my boat this past year. I have a crappy cheap boat cover that leaks. I ended the season with putting a tarp over the cover to keep the water out, which worked but was a pain. I dont like the idea of sinking all that money into rebuilding the boat and then the cover leaks everytime it rains. The boat is stored on the trailer except for 1 week a year .


So, is custom canvas the way to go? Or does anyone know of any other decent covers? Not looking to break the bank. Also, I'm located in the ithaca area. Any recommendations on custom canvas in the area? It's just a 16ft boat.


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Might want to check here but I have never used them myself but they are fairly nearby Ithaca

Finger Lakes Service & Canvas Shop
Boat Part & Supply
  • Address: 9147 State Route 96, Interlaken, NY 14847
  • Phone: (607) 387-3093
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On second thought Hank is right. Have John Mann do it if you want it to be exactly what you want  and perfectly done. You won't find anyone better.

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Custom canvas is definitely the way to go  and John not only does the best job but he is fair in pricing. Nothing is cheap these days but neither are boat problems as the result of water intrusion.:smile:

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I agree with everyone. I just got off the phone with John Mann. I told him what I was looking for and we threw around a few ideas. His timeframe is great, materials sound great, and the quote was fair for price. He will have my business once the boat comes out of storage. I have no doubt his work will be great. Thank you all for the replies

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