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Cold night river bite!


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New moon darkness and some high pressure made for some cold nights on the river this week. The bite has been tough the last 3 nights till tonight. The incoming storms have wakened the eyes and once again they feed. Tonight white and silver huskys and xraps did the trick. Hits on the pause of the retrieve came into play tonight, as the last 3 hits came on a constant reel near bottom. Key is always to find where they are, tight to the bottom bites are tougher but tonight they came up in the column to smack. Window was from 9-11 and produced a great limit of eaters with a great hit that came last. Was able to get her to shore, she measured just over 27, and was released to make more eyes for future night owls like me. Great end to a tough bite week. Dont be afraid of the cold, when ice coats the eyelets, the big girls feed......at least in my experience. 



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