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Daiwa Sealine SLW50H - Level Wind Guide wears out and get stuck

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I have 15 or so of Daiwa Sealine SLW50H reels that I used for Weighted Steel and Leadcore.  I take about 45 trips a summer and more than half of the reels now have issues with the level wind getting stuck.  The actual level wind guide get stuck which jams up the reel.  Last year I busted off multiple 20lb+ fish with the drag peeling out only to have the level wind guide get stuck and then bust the line.  The reels are about 3 years old, so the average reel (every reel doesnt get used every trip) has around 80 trips on it.  Since the level wind guide is only plastic, eventually it wears out the upper hole that rides on the metal rod and then it gets enough play that it jams on an angle while fighting a screamer.  Is there any alternative to just replacing it with more plastic parts every few years? 




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