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Hemlock Hemlock reports?

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Was on Hemlock 2 weekends ago (5/3) in the yak for a few hours.  Surface temps were 46-48.   Ran a shallow program, no takers.   


Gonna try to get out as well this weekend if the weather holds.

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Invasive Asian swamp eels ....seems somehow 🤔 like wtf right? there was a report of them in the lake . 


hey thanks for the replies if I get down there I will leave a detailed report I also yak fish have had success pulling dipsey divers for lakers. also crappies on minnows 

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Sorry for the late report -


I hit Hemlock both mornings (5/17 & 5/18) and here's my results.


5/17 - Launched from the North launch @ 6 AM and headed to the west shoreline. Ran down to south of the bluffs in 30-60 FOW.  


Fished marks and bait when I saw them.  Lots of marks near the bottom in 50 FOW.   Water temps were 48-50 on the surface.


I top lined a mix of humdingers, flutter spoons and small suttons with only a small mouth bass caught.


Also had 3 color and 4 color lead cores out.  

The 4 had a homemade cowbell-type flasher with a night crawler on a bare hook.
The 3 color I ran a mix of smelt pattern trolling flies.


Landed and released  3 Lakers ; 18, 21.5 and 23 inches.  (2 on the night crawler 1 on a trolling fly)


5/18 - Launched from North launch @ 6:30 and again headed for west shore.   Fog was pretty thick the first hour or so.  


Based on the marks that I saw Saturday, I stayed in the area of 50 FOW and only got a far south as the white building, as I kept circling and fishing the marks.    


I ran a down rigger with a mix of green & green-black spoons near the bottom and a "cheater" rod up higher depending on where marks were.

 Cheater used a mix of flutter spoons and smelt pattern trolling flies.


Landed and released 2 lakers; 21.5 and 22 inches.  both from the bottom spoons.

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