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It's just a few short weeks until I can spend a great week on the SLR. The past few years the water was cold and the bass were spawning when season came in and everyone was just hammering them. Does anyone know what the water temp is currently? I sure hope they get a chance to spawn out before the opener. I know down here in Pa the temp came up fairly quick and the smallies are spawning now.

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Couldn’t agree more, all these guys come up here and catch the bass off there beds before the season starts and have no idea how bad they are hurting the nest eggs!

Canada just did a big study on there side and showed how quickly gobies go in and eat the eggs with the bass off the nest!

You would think a lot of these guys are “professional” bass fisherman would understand this!

I’ve been on the river and lake since opening of walleye season and have seen bass boats everyday fishing the shallows for nesting bass, it’s a real shame. I wish the DEC would get out and warn these guys more!!



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