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Had a slow day out of Braddocks today. After stopping by Mitchel's to get some cut bait got on water 9:30-2:00. Did get a 7 lb steelhead in 90 fow on 300 copper with spoon. Went out to 250 with best screen about 160-180. Had a rip on the dipsy in 180 fow but we missed him other then that couldn't get anything going. Went into 120 for lakers picked one up right away on gambler rig. Then for some reason when downrigger was up cable tore sending my fishhawk probe an ball to the bottom off lake Ontario... OUCH!! Decided it's not our day and called it a day. Still a beautiful day out on the water.

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Could of been worse, I lost two probes and two shark weights in the same week one time!:devil:

After the first probe and ball added a safety line with a crimp, cable broke at the crimp for the second set.

Every year now if not more often i change the the terminator and check the cable.

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