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me and a friend with an 11 yr old crushed it thurs am limited out. 120- 140', lances 2 face f/f took most. A couple on green jplugs 90- 100 down





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Congats Mike !

I brought my son up in same size boat and fished the same water and couldnt get it done !

lake didnt live up to my hype with son but he s a diehard fisherman and is going to give me a redemption trip 😥

I was out with the armada off power plant 8/26-28 th and I wasnt the only one not catching so I didnt feel to bsd but wanted to get him a king in the worst way .Nicely done!

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We fished all over Monday and only had one rigger fire with nothing.  The water was 74゚ all the way down till 130. We got blown off and couldn't fish Tuesday and Wednesday. But the Strong South winds moved the water around and Thursday we were reading 45゚ at 90',  And then suddenly we were superstars

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