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Cayuga Cayuga browns


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1 hour ago, Zimmy4209 said:

They do let fish up past the ladder. If no one is going to be running it they just bypass it. Not sure if they do anything in the fall or not but back in high school I worked there a few days through a school program. It was very cool. Any trout that go up the ladder get hung up in a waiting pool. Every day we went in there we would net the trout put em in a tub and sprinkle this powder they called "angel dust" on top of water. Within seconds tge fish was floating belly up. We would measure gurth length and weight and document male/female. Biggest fish in 3 days i was there was a 13lb 4 oz female bow. You don't see too many rainbows that big anymore!  This was '93-'94. 


Salmon creek whenever there's enough water also gets loaded


thanks I know this is the case in the spring time.  In the fall/early winter oftentimes you’ll walk down to the weir to see a gate over the bypass, the ladder closed and a pile of fish rolling below the weir, and the creek is empty despite good flows.  Then magically a week before the season closes in December there are fish in the creek.  

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Didn't know that. I've heard water levels are pretty low havent been uo there since July. Salmon creek was loaded all way to falls all of November last year. Alot more browns than landlocked but a buddy even caught few Lakers I guess halfway to falls. I sure do miss it, Florida is a absolute cess pool amd anyone that says otherwise is complete bull__itting you!!!

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