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Thanks for the detail information " Sandwick 50 " ! I have no information on private individuals releasing geese in Ontario : The urban and farm nuisance was substantial seeing a school yard covered in goose excrement , farmers having their new corn torn up by flocks of goose . Some birds were live trapped and located to rural areas of Ontario ! The apparent assumption would be that they would take up residence not clear to me !
We hunt cull coyotes on a regular basis and find clear evidence of coyotes destroying goose nests ! 
I would add posts like " bla bla " contribute nothing to the web site !
Swans got released in Irondiquit bay years back now look at the poulation of the dam things...... Why not shoot them now it's a nuisance now? No let's wait.....
That's why I said bla bla.....
Bad season ?

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