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Canandaigua Seager Marine Spring Perch Tournament 4/10/21


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Save the Date!  April 10, 2021, we'll be holding our annual Seager Marine Spring Perch Tournament.  Entry fee will be the same at $40/team, up to 3 people per team, weigh 5 fish.  I have attached the registration form and rules.  We plan to set it up so you can register from our website (not set yet).  Hope you all can make it.  It's a great way to start the spring fishing season.

Perch Registration April 10 2021.pdf Perch Rules Spring 2021.pdf

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That's asking a lot, Les!  That would be nice though.  Sure hope you can make it this year.  You'll have to stop in and visit and see our new construction.  The showroom is going to be really nice.   Our service area has been expanded quite a bit as well.

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Thanks for posting results Frogger.  We had a great showing with 31 teams entered.  Biggest fish was 1.695 (caught by 1st place team) and 2nd biggest was 1.5.  Most teams had one good fish about 1#+/-.   Weather was about the best we've ever had for the spring tournament.  We've decided to call the spring tournaments 'Annual Bob Groeling Memorial Tournaments'.  Unfortunately we lost Bob earlier this year.  He spent a LONG time heading up our service department at Seager Marine.  Most everyone knew and loved him.  We will hang a plaque and add the winners name to it each year.  We hope everyone had fun on that beautiful day and made some great memories.  There was a great crowd at weigh-in and lots of chatter and laughter!  Hope everyone has a nice summer and we'll see you all in the fall.

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Really sorry to hear about Bob Ted. Seems as though it wasn't long ago I was talking to him about his retirement plans etc. What a shame.

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Just as an FYI - looking at past spring perch tournament results (5 fish):

4/10/21 - 6.02

4/13/19 - 6.91

4/14/18 - 6.55

4/29/17 - 5.85

4/1/17 - 7.50

4/30/16 - 6.61

4/2/16 - 6.39

4/25/15 - 6.34

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