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Monroe County Offshore Classic! Friday 6/25/21 and Saturday 6/26/21

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The Port of Rochester is back for 2021's Monroe County Offshore Classic.  Friday's event will be the usual Multi-species 4 fish box; teams of anglers will compete to catch one of each species (lake trout, Rainbow/steelhead, salmon and brown trout).  Saturday's event will be the largest 5 fish box (only one lake trout allowed to be weighed.   This year will feature our pilot event; "The Minion 3-Fish Challenge" where teams will enter this side event to catch the largest 3 fish between both days (think the "333" on Salmon Showdown). 


For more information, check out the Facebook page "Monroe County Offshore Classic" or message me here on LOU.   Friday's event is $100 and Saturday's event is $250 per team.   A portion of the $ will go to Dream Factory of Rochester to help make an ill child's dream come true!



Hooked Up.JPG

2019 monroe county offshore classic 1st place.jpg


2019 monroe county offshore classic 1st place 2.jpg

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