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Kicker Motor Fuel Tank

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Does anyone have their kicker fuel tank mounted below deck? I'm considering mounting a larger tank below deck and running the fuel line through the transom and to the kicker. I'm just wondering if there is a limit to the fuel lift I'll get from the tank to the kicker.




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Might be a better idea to plumb into existing main fuel tank.  Many tanks already have dual fuel outlets or you can tee into line.  This would get you around venting issues from adding another tank-have to really careful with fuel fumes in bilges.  Running lines you will also need correct check valves/shut offs.  Kickers will pull fuel from 10’ + fuel lines without a problem.

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 Why keep it below deck?.. Is space a problem?... I always keep a separate small tank for the kicker, as it gives better backup, just in case there's a major problem with fuel in the main tank, such as a load of water.. I have seen it happen a bunch of times over the years...


 my main OB is a Merc, and the small kicker is  omc...  I just keep a small  omc tank aboard for the kicker...  Never found it to be in the way...

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