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Not a feel good article...

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I saw this article a few days ago. A link was posted on the Niagara Musky Association (NMA) website forum. There has been previous talk about the gobies and concerns of their effects on the Niagara River and Buffalo harbor, especially the river. So it looks like it is also a huge concern there. It is a different fishery with other dynamics but it does seem to possibly be a major factor. Young of the year survey results have been very dire. Last year, some NMA members who switch to targeting bass in the summer when water temps are high were saying that catch rates were very low. But that may be partially due to the unusually high Lake Erie water temps that year. But I would be interested to know if the gobies are also impacting other species spawning success. I would also be interested to hear about how the gobies are impacting other Great Lakes muskie fisheries such as Lake St Clare and Georgian Bay. Muskie anglers need to band together to support research and action to help preserve these special fish. Maybe the Federal infrastructure bill can help support the costs.

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Hopefully with the stocking effort, they can turn this around.  The fisheries of many species have drastically changed in the last 20 years on Lake Ontario.  Hopefully this trend changes.  

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