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Owasco Owasco 5-8

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Hard grind in the cold rainy weather, managed a nice eye in the dark, heavy rain and light cold wind made it feel more like October than May. Surface program in 49 degree water produced pike, some browns, only the one eye and a few surprise fish like bullhead and perch. All in all good day, bright sticks in dirty water behind boards did the trick, 2.5 speed. Great spending some time with close friends. Nothing spectacular but a report none the less.





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What a great mix of fish, like a box of chocolates!!  A bullhead on a stickbait!!   You continue to amaze with how you catch all kinds of fish in Owasco.   I'm looking forward to a future post with a carp pic!!

As always, thanks for the reports and fun photos.

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Johnny, nice job on the perch this year, hit em through the ice good, then in the boat after ice out......then work got busy for 3 weeks and I lost them, chased bigger fish instead, but that spot lock is an awesome feature I got to try out this year.


reel doc, I saw some carp breaching and though what if I accidentally foul hook one of these things....thankfully I didn’t, but what a fight it would be. Lot of variety in this lake, love the two tiered fishery.


Alex, miss ya up here, haven’t even been in your old neck of the woods yet......soon, want to see some jumping bows.


stillwater, good to hear from you, hope you fared well through the winter, soon the summer program will start and I look forward to hearing all your great successes.



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