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And you’re the guy who insisted that I allow you to change out my swivels for (I think) Spro coast lock swivels!!! (Whenever I lose a fish because of broken line or failed terminal tackle, I always blame myself!


(WTG! Thanks for the report!)



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We fished mainly in 400 FOW, that's this year! 47 - 62 down on riggers. Copper 220 - 250. We troll fast, ran only spoons today, all mags. I run florocarbon 20lb leaders, 6 ft minimum, snap swivels with a sro ball bering swivel to main line. I fish 15 lb test main line , enjoy the fight on light tackle, that's me, not a meat fisherman, just want a good fighting fish. We release many of our fish if we know there is a high survival rate.

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