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Wanted looking for a motorguide or minnkota 12v trolling motor

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I am looking for either a power drive or a xi3 12v tooling motor. 


looking to set up a kayak with one, figured since I will need to cut down the shaft I would look for a used one first. 


I will look at others if they have the wire operated ones but not the cable steer ones. needs to be bow mount foot pedal or wireless



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If you cut the shaft you can splice the wires to lengthen them.   Then you can remove the handle and mount the control head near you. Bow mount trolling motors are MUCH heavier than stern mount and not a good option for a kayak due to weight.  The battery alone will already be weighing you down quite a bit.  Regardless if you chose to bow mount or stern this setup will save a lot of weight.  Just make sure the trolling motor you choose has infinitely variable speed if you want to troll.  And oh you take care of steering with a coated cable and eye bolts.  Attaching a few pics of my old rig for ideas.




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This is what I am looking to get ( without the peddle drive) don't need to worry about the weight of the motor too much it has a 600lb capacity and is stable enough to walk around. and with the $3000 price tag if i could get a used motor for it it would help.

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