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for sale : usa Lake O fishing gear

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Selling my Lake Ontario / Champlain gear. 
Anybody looking to get set up hit me up. I used to take 2 trips a year out there so the gear is lightly used. If I can’t find someone local looking to get set up I’ll end up parting everything out. I’m in NH. 
Still working on prices but they’ll be half of original. I have dipsy rods and reels, downrigger rods and reels, a 600 and 400 copper set ups. Plenty of spin doc’s flys and spoons. 
Video of lures and attractors and other related gear:




I took inventory of all the gear in the video and at 1/2 price or much less on items I came up with a value of $1250 for everything (not rods and reels just the gear in the video). Most of the spoons have not even been washed as I typically ran dodger fly combos. The used spoons you can see the wear on them in the photos. Let me know if you have any questions. Again if I can’t find someone local who is looking to get set up I’ll split everything into lots and re-list with prices for each lot. Much of the stuff I didn’t even bother pricing in the package (j-plugs, some flies and other misc gear. The rest is at half original value or less. I think that’s fair. 


Added the rods and reels I have to sell. When I first started out there I went with heartlands and magda's to see if I liked it. I eventually upgraded to Daiwa 47LC's and Ugly stick down rigger rods (which I'm keeping). I then added dipsy rods to which I eventually settled on the Shimano Talara's (love those rods). If you search my posts here you'll see how many times I got out there fishing as I reported every time. None of this gear was used local (the fresh water fish just aren't that big), so it was all only used on my trips to Lake O.


rod reel inventory LO.docx rod_reel inventory 112021.pdf

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replace rod video, didn't have ugly stick in it.
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4 minutes ago, jmyers8 said:

Don't know if I'm the only one but I xant open the pdf

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Try it now. It saved it to my download folder and then needed to be opened from there. I re-saved the file in case there was some security setting on it. I also uploaded a word version. If those don't work I will copy and paste the info in a response.

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First let me apologize for not responding quickly. I have had a lot going on.

I am going to get going on this after the holidays. Right now I have someone local looking to buy everything but hasn't gotten over here to look at the gear. With the holidays and some health stuff taking most of my time I haven't been able to actively take care of all the requests regarding the items. I know the local guy that wants to buy the gear and he is supposed to take a look at everything this weekend. If he doesn't it will likely get pushed out past the holiday. I'll let everyone know status of their requests and what I have left at that point.

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On 12/9/2021 at 9:48 AM, Rusty s. said:

Interested in 2 Maha pro 45 reels and 2 eagle claw Starfire dipsy rods will you ship

I'm trying to avoid shipping but may have to at some point. If it comes to that it will be on the buyers dime. See my reply about handling this post holiday. Thanks for understanding.


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