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Seneca River fishing?

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Just wondering about the Seneca River, if anyone fishes it regularly.. Unlike most here, I am not much into trolling  especially with riggers, lead core, meat rigs etc.. Just not what I enjoy doing.. I do a little flat lining in spring, because i can fish with lighter tackle, and stop the boat when I hook  up...

These days, I prefer bait fishing, or  jigging for panfish, SMB, Walleyes, maybe a Pike or Pickerel on occassion etc....   I have read many times of the good fishing in the Seneca River, but  in the area around Montezuma, when I stop, I see guys mainly fishing for carp, cats etc.. I fished there years ago in some backwater sloughs filled with downed trees for Crappies.. We caught some, but most were sub legal.. I don't know the river at all, and a few starting points would be appreciated... Is the area  between Seneca and Cayuga Lakes productive, or does one need to fish closer to Cross Lake?.... Not looking for anyone's hot spots, just some general info as to where to launch,  lures that have worked in the past etc... any help is appreciated... bob

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 Is there a launch that will give me access to both Cross Lake and the river??.. The only launch I know of is the one  on 5&20 near Montezuma,,, That won't get me anywhere near Cross Lake, and from what I have read Cross lake would be a good one for the type of fishing I do....bob


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