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Cayuga 2/12

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Was thrilled to see the recent warm up but then the anxiety started about Thursday as I worried the deep freeze might arrive earlier than predicted and the weekend would be a no go.  

Got to Taughannock before 7 and greeted with calm waters.  Decided to focus on the shallows and boated a couple nice ones in the first hour, then had a long dry spell.  A South wind had started to put a little chop on the water, then about 9:30, the sky went dark and the wind shifted around to blast some cold air and little ice balls fell for 15-20 minutes.  For the rest of the morning the lake was churning, and the fish didn't seem to appreciate it as managed to boat 1 more Laker and that was it.  No complaints though as it was great to be on the water again after the month long freeze out.  Wrapped up the day with a super dinner and writing this with a glass of Glenlivet in hand.  Can't do much better for a February day!!





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