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Upgraded the kayak to a Lund 1650


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Been interested in upping my game and getting into a boat for trolling.  Stumbled into a good deal, so pulled the trigger a few weeks ago and now have a 2017 Lund Rebel 1650 XS Sport sitting in the garage.  Working on getting it set-up for the Finger Lakes - will be trailering it, and the family bowrider will keep it's place at the boathouse on Canandaigua lake.  Kayak will still get used, just not quite as much on the bigger lakes.


Boat has 60 HP OB and 5 HP kicker (both Merc 4 strokes).  kicker is pull start with internal tank - hook up available for onboard tank. It has no remote or charging kit.


Ordered a Teranova 80 LB 24V with iPilot bow mount trolling motor and plan on using that for steering while trolling.


Looking for some input from folks on the following questions I have -


No connecting rod between kicker and main motor - would one help so that I could use the main motor as a rudder?  If so, what are some recommendations ?


Any ideas on how long the kicker will run on a tank of fuel?  Should I hook-up to onboard tank ?


Rigging - going to be using deep running gear (dipsy divers, lead core, slider divers, etc) from the kayak to start out.  Only missing a downrigger or 2. Will probably start out with a manual system for a season or two to save costs.  


Do folks have pictures / suggestions on best placement for rod holders any other accessories?  Really like the Sport Track system for the ability to adjust until I get things set-up in the best location. But if I can learn from others 


Electronics - Helix 7 DI installed.  In the yak I use a Fish Hawk TD to get spot reading - not the best system, but it works.  Is an X4D system worth it for the Finger Lakes?  

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Congratulations on the new rig! 


I've done the trolling motor steering routine for some time now, both with the big motor for thrust as well as a kicker. My motors were locked together with the simple steering rod, aimed straight ahead with the helm, and held in place with a small bungie.


You're going to love that Terrova. You can use its compass to head in a direction and it will maintain its track. Swing to the right a little and it hold it there. Hands free to do other things like set rods! Clip the remote right to my vest, always with me.


Get the BIGGEST batteries you can fit, if you are near Syracuse there's a place called Battery World, think there's one in Binghamton too. I got group 31's there. Also essential is a marine charger like a Promariner or MinnKota  to keep them topped off without overcharging. I plug mine in at the dock and forget about it until the next trip.


Finally, I put a big rudder on mine. It allows the motor to steer like a sailboat, but from the front, without relying on motor thrust only. They are used a lot on Erie, not so much here. I deal with a lot of current in the river and it simplifies that a lot.



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I have the Leelock rudder as well. Works great. I was thinking of also putting on a three bladed prop as well. That would be a fully tricked out trolling motor.

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@Prof T Thanks for the heads up on the rudder, upgraded to a larger rudder on the yak and it made a huge difference, so I can imagine how it will help on a full-sized boat.


No issues with the rudder causing extra stress on the motor shaft?

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