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I’m looking for a pair of electric riggers, spoons, flashers, planner boards, planner mast, and dip set fiber rods. I just moved back to New York from the military and looking to get back into the salmon fishing again. Feel free to pm me or txt and call me 717-880-5240

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I'm going to be listing a pair of 4' great lakes planer plus masts/trees for sale as soon as I get my boat out of storage this week.  They are used, but not abused.  Selling for $500 for the pair.  Bottom rod holder is pinned and horizontal to fishing as a dipsey rod holder.  Top of tree can also be used as a rod holder, so you can fish three board lines and a diver off one set up, plus your big boards.  Come with track mounts. Not sure where you are located, i'm in Pittsburgh PA, but fish Erie PA often and will be in Olcott/Wilson the third week of May.  Pictured on my boat in action below.




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I acquired these when I purchased my present boat 13 years ago. I reckon I will never use them since I have never used them. They are located at my camp in Franklinville. Will be glad to help a protector of this country.  Maybe we could meet in Hornell. You can have them with no charge. You can text or call me, and we can make plans for you to get them.





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