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Great hunt

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Had a very eventful hunt this morning. set up in a blind and had 5 birds come into the field out 400 yards shortly joined by 8 more birds. I could see 3 long beards fanned up and several others chasing. It took a while but when they saw my moving strutter decoy they headed my way.
  Once they got to 10oz yards I knew they were coming. The dominant Tom ran in the last 75 yards and I shot him at 15 yards 
  The rest stayed in the field for over an hour and had a Jake come into the decoys two more times. There were 3 long beards, 3 jakes, and 2 bearded hens in the group and I got some video as well.
  Tom was likely dominate bird as it had 1” spurs, 9 1/2” beard, and weighed 20.2 lbs.




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