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Saturday silver report

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Well the lake is setting up good temp and color. Started where I was last weekend and 2 hours of nada.....as is so common, picked up and moved a bit. Put out full spread copper, core and rigger. Small bows and some lakers came to hand but I knew I was not where I needed to be. Started playing with leads,  colors, and rigger depth, finally take a rip on a short core, burried the board and broke the line. Reset and rip again, this time nice bow. Went dead again, so I continued to work and over think like we all can. Finally at 3:30 I made an adjustment on the copper and off to the races with bows. Great jumps, and great runs, figured it out late.......but figured it out. Speedat 2.3 surface, color was still copper,orange, did get one on green/silver. Surface temp was 75, so it's warm. Copper took back the belt as the champion for the day, but caught fish on all programs. Fleas not bad, weeds better then last weekend. Good luck.







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Reel Doc......like any weekend warrior......love that water.....it's my therapy for sure. Anybody puts on enough time and they'll catch.....wife was with me and we had a party at 6......I didn't want to leave as I just found them it felt like, but......fortunately I was lucky enough to play the game for a bit. Sunday morning......they were gone.....


Trouthunter.....most 5-7, bigger ones show later summer, you definitely get some bigger ones on Canandaigua. 

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