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for sale : usa MAG TROLLING SPOONS(four lots of 10) 25.00 each

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Four lots of 10 Mag spoons each. Lot # 1 has 1- silver streak. 4- Stinger mags. 5- NK'S. Great shape. Lot #2 has all Stinger mags. Great shape also. Lot # 3 has all NK Mags. Also great shape. Lot # 4 sold Mags. All 4 lots are in excellent to new condition. $ 25.00 each lot. Buyer pays shipping.  Ships in US only.









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if I could pick my 10 I would buy a lot. but getting 10 spoons that may only have a few that I would ever use for walleye on Erie. so I wish you luck selling them all soon. I would like to have the top 2 and 4th on the left then the 2nd and 4th from the top on the right in lot 1. lot 3 the 4th one from the left in the top row and the last 1 on the right in the bottom row. 2nd and 4th down on the left row then 2 down right row lot 4. this would top out the 10 I would choose.

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