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  1. I think what has ben said is on the $$ use sliders or mup rigs and add wire rigs or copper,core.But if you want to stack The way I use to do it is I had a dual rod holder on the boom of my riggers and I would adjust it in a V formation so that what ever rod pops the rod tip goes away from the other line so I didn't have alot of tangles that way(I think I said that right if not Sorry)Just try to angle the rods away from each other and you should be fine.just hope the rod doesn't pop on a big turn
  2. I was wondering if any one has this set up and if they could give me the pro's and cons.I like the fact that it mounts in a track system.But it's pricey.I will be using the Pink old style FISH AND SKI boards that they don't make any more but I know they work.The big john set up looks good to but doesn't mount in a track.My problem is I have an old Willis dual mast set up and one of the reels is cracked and I don't have a clue where I could find another reel so I'm looking to upgrade.Any input would be great.
  3. Ray I don't own any of the equipment you speak of I have read posts on this problem on other sites as well as this one.So I know some of the problem is the ducers being so close the the units cross talk so you get the interfearence.When I had my old Ray jefferson temp probe My ff ducer was on one side and the temp probe ducer was on the other.I can't remember who but they posted the problem with the freq. There was also an issue with the VHF radio also.I'm just trying to help that's all
  4. Ray I would put the transducers as far apart as you could they must have close to the same freq.There was a post on this subject but I'm not sure if it was after the crash or before.But I think that could be a problem.
  5. Ray The dots sounds like electrical problems to me(But what do I know )re route the wires from your FF away from all other wires going to your motor.and make sure you have it hooked up strait to the battery not to a fuse box with other things.That's where I would start.One other thing don't they sell spark plugs that will help that also?Hank can answer that Good luck
  6. Billy Sam's club is where I would go also.I have to agree with woodman I also paid over $120 for my 120 QT cooler back in the 80's.Now the price is half
  7. Welcome to the site Mike Glad to see your getting back into fishing.
  8. Guys great looking site.You guys are doing a awsome job keeping us up and running My name is Erin I live in Mass.I have been fishing lake Ontario since 1982.I fish out of a 2003 Lund 1800 Fisherman have fished out of Mexico,Oswego,And have Fished out of Fair Haven for the past 2 years.Hoping to head to the oaks and the Bar this year I fish all over New England for what ever fish want to play.I have learned so much from this site.This is the best site for info and help.So keep up the good work guys :mrgreen:
  9. Pmjasper, As long as your reels can hold up to 300 yds of 15 to 20 lb line they should work out fine.But if your looking at coming up more and more You should invest in the best reels you can afford(line counter).You will under stand what I'm talking about when you get your first big king salmon on.It will tell you if your reels are big enough They are a completely different breed of fish than a striper muskys or blue fish.If your not carefull a salmon can spool you before you know it and then you are left standing there with an empty reel and out of about 25$ worth of gear and line(been there done that :x )I will guarantee that you will be hooked on salmon fishing after you catch or hook up with a King.So think about the future when making your decision Good luck I think you will make the right one God I love this Sport come on spring P.S.I feel like I'm whinng to you I apologize if I came across like that.It's just my opinion
  10. The sealine series is a better reel but they are coming out with a new version of the Accudepth called the Accudepth plus.You could go with the tek's at a cost of about $180 a pc but well worth the $$.If I had the cash I would buy a couple but I don't.My SG47LC worked awsome last year.they go for $95.00.But that's just my 2 cents.
  11. Clarke Don't worry about it.I couldn't have agreed with you more about the flea's.That's why I would just set up with wire.Even if they are there the wire is still fishable the braid is NOT.
  12. I agree I said that they might be gone but why take a chance they S***.If they are still there braid would be no good
  13. Browntrout your right I forgot about that.Shellback I lied SORRY he is right there is a lever to push down I forgot all about that.My mistake( I hate it when I flat line )I keep thinking that it comes up then you can bring it down but you do have to push down on the lever to get it to go down but once it's down it ratchets up with out pushing any thing.Once again I apoligize for being brain dead about the lever.
  14. Shellback once you go all the way down with them and start to come up they stay at where you put them (I belive there is 5 settings or something like that)and they come up nice and easy to pull the rod out they are great holders and there is no buttons to push or pull Some were down the road I will be buying more of these.
  15. On my last boat my mother and I made a complete top for my boat and it's still looks great after 7years the guy who bought my boat still uses it to this day great stuff.I don't think you can go wrong buying it.
  16. Pj Weber if your looking at getting down to 75 feet with a diver in August.I would think about going with 30 to 40 lb wire line it has a 3 to 1 ratio(ballpark #)so 3 feet of wire out 1 foot down.But there is a lot of variables that will change the depth but this is a rule of thumb.Once the fleas show up the braided line will be a flea magnet.They could be gone by August but I myself wouldn't take the chance.There is a place that you can buy wire line by the foot.I put a 1000 feet on each of my rigs.I use 30 lb 7 strand mason wire on my wire rigs but when I need to replace the wire I will go to this site.I belive alot of guys run the 40 lb with no difference between the 30 to the 40lb.Maybe some one will post there own experience with this size wire.I don't know what size reels you have but I use SG47LC Diawa reels and If your rods are dipsey rods they should be fine.I also run twill tips on my rods but you don't have to if you don't want to It's only my opinion.Like I said I'm not sure how deep you can get with braid but I will look it up when I get home from work. As far as rod holders go.Like has been said already go with a strong rod holder don't go cheap or you could be setting your self up for a fall.There is alot of pressure on the rod when your fishing down deep with a dipsey a cheap holder won't take the pressure for very long I would hate to here that your rod went over the side because the rod holder couldn't hold the rod.I installed Berts track system last year after someone recomemded them to me (Thanks again to Steve ) I wish I had done this years ago.There ratchet rod holder is awsome.I'm no expert but all this info was what I got from all the guys on this site There were some great posts on wire line and dipsey's here before the crash.But it's just my 2 cents.Here are a couple of sites for the wire and rod holders.Good luck. http://www.mcmaster.com/ http://www.teclausa.com/bert/
  17. Tom I didn't know you were an artist also Your one hell of a multi tasker.And they say men can't do that :?: :?: Great picture
  18. Yeah BILLY for president What weight shark billy?
  19. I also run Torpedo's and they run great track strait here is Tom's site.Also has awsome fly's http://www.atommiktrollingflies.com/ttw.htm
  20. Big_fishman, We are a rare breed But heah we have to make a living .We do have quality fish here in Lake Ontario.These guys work really hard to maintain this fishery.All the charter captians and clubs put alot of time and effort in to raising fish in pens and then release them in hopes that they can keep the success going.I give them all the credit in the world for that.Thanks for the reply
  21. Reeldiel Are you going to a different reel?or getting rid of extra's
  22. Traveling man,You are right about the 130 to 150 of cable out.I have a cannon SNT probe with the depth gage and yes we were running over 100 feet down.Thanks for the reply maybe I should have been deeper but I was fishing the temp break so I thought I was where I should have been.I still have some learning to do.Thanks again for your reply.
  23. Fishdawg, Welcome to the best site in America .There is a wealth of info on this site and the guys will go out of they way to help you out.
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