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  1. Crock of crap letter. Worried you'll cancel weddings, graduations, and family reunions while ensuring the reader the spread is nowhere near over. The cognitive dissonance in this rambling is astounding. If you are running around scared as a grown man-waiting in a 100 yard line before Costco opens to shove your 4 sq ft shopping cart with 7 sq ft of toilet paper, then yes, be scared of your own stupidity. Being prepared is a community service. It allows one to be calm, check in on the elderly, and have control. Preemptive closures of schools is the first priority-that flattens the infection rate curve allowing hospitals staff/infrastructure to treat the very ill and keep themselves from being overwhelmed. The people who are worried about the Olympics and school lunches not being divided out are the ones lacking compassion and facts. He should call Italy's Medical Chief for an opinion-never mind, he died from it.
  2. I put a Nikon ProStaff 3-9x on a .308 Thompson Venture. It is a good scope for the price. Sometimes I wish I had 4-12x and a higher end, better light grabbing scope, but this scope has not let me down at all.
  3. Italy's case fatality rate is nearing 5%. Seasonal flu has a fatality rate of 0.1%. The medical community is hoping for a realized 0.5% CFR for America. It spreads like a norovirus and anyone with kids who have used a daycare understand how contagious that is-far worse than the seasonal flu. The societal repercussions will be significant. Do not listen to the apathetic "it's just the flu bro" or "looks like everyone will get it, so let it happen" people. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.
  4. For the folks who are older or who have loved ones in care facilities I would take some precautions. I actually think the media may be under reporting this to stave off panic in the markets. In every country that has dealt with this the hospital infrastructure has failed. If you can take measures to protect yourselves you should do it. Hunkering down for a month is prudent.
  5. let me know if you still need an update. Assuming you cancelled due to the wind.
  6. Have you guys got your 6 years worth of toilet paper yet? Whats your current state of prep for the coronavirus 0-10?
  7. I've never been to Oneida and am looking for some info. I'd be walking. I'd obviously like to catch some walleye, but would really love to catch some burbot as by-catch. Any burbot techniques and general starting points would be appreciated.
  8. This is the tip of the iceberg...
  9. After the Hardware Store started advertising that area as a perch spot this year the droves of out of towners started launching from there. For years that spot hardly got any attention because first off, its very dangerous because of current and second, the fishing is not that good. Its a real swimming pool this year.
  10. Fair enough. I don't want to be confused for someone who is sticking up for this a-hole. He is aggressive and Ive heard many a story about his bullying tactics. I'll recant this opinion in this particular situation, but my point that some crimes elevating to the felony level, and the subsequent loss of rights guaranteed by the Constitution doesn't always sit well with me.
  11. The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege it is a fundamental right. An honest, honorable person would not portray it any other way.
  12. What about freedom of speech. He obviously talked up this strategy to the many employees he's had over the years and I'm sure indoctrinated them. Once he's done his proverbial 'time', should the government have the ability to censor him however they please too? Violent felons, dangerous people who hurt other people physically I can reckon the loss of the 2nd. But for him to forever be unable to properly protect his property/family due to a poaching offense, albeit a flagrant poaching offense, still doesn't sit well with me. The only argument I can see for it is the fact guns were used in his crimes, but i am still not persuaded.
  13. I had my little girl out on the ice fishing when she was two. Regrettably, I only have one child. There in lies the real issue. The tradition of large families, in particular Catholic, have declined and with that so will their traditions. Forget PETA and their anti-hunting tripe. The far bigger issue at hand is the attack on traditional family values.
  14. So do I, in the financial sense and revocation of hunting lic. Should he have his 2nd amendment rights revoked via a felony conviction of this sort-absolutely NOT.
  15. Food plots for deer are suppose to be "wildlife enhancement" strategies. Its like DU projects that build water control structures to flood corn fields. These projects obviously concentrate game numbers like a bait pile. Concentrating wildlife does not enhance long term fitness of species. Disease spreads easier, etc etc. You can spread corn in your favorite waterfowl hole, but it ceases to be a "baited area" once all the feed has been eaten and 10 days has passed. Did I plant a food plot on my land once my Dad showed interest in hunting post his retirement? Yes, because I cared more about his enjoyment of watching deer and having action as a first time hunter then the long term health of the deer population.
  16. There is no way this is going anywhere, but they are showing their cards. All it takes is an event to happen that creates an emotional frenzy for something like this to pass in the heat of the moment. I'll say it again, the events unfolding with the Sheriffs and their 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties in Virginia is quite the foreshadowing for things to come nationwide if you ask me.
  17. Ive been monitoring what has been going on in Virginia and I really admire the Sheriffs down there. We need some county officials who will stand up to this unlawful stripping of our rights.
  18. " Relates to establishing additional requirements to purchase a firearm, shotgun or rifle; requires a person to apply for a hunting license prior to the purchase of a shotgun or rifle; establishes additional requirements for all firearms, shotguns and rifles including taking a five hour gun safety course and exam, passing a shooting range test with 90% accuracy, providing notarized proof of a passed drug test and mental health evaluation, providing proof of purchase of firearm and ammunition safe storage depositories and passing a criminal background check. "
  19. Im a braid/flouro leader guy. Get him some nice slip bobbers and accessories (bobber stops, small two-way swivels, beads, and small barrel weights). Braid zips through slip bobbers so much better. The advantages of slip bobbering are too many to count.
  20. Garmin sells ice conversion bundles. Ive tried farting around with the boat transducer for ice. Doesnt work well. Definitely need the ice-ducer.
  21. https://www.northcountrypublicradio.org/news/story/40209/20191223/water-flows-reduced-at-moses-saunders-dam Even though waters are acknowledged as high they are going to reduce flows now to "reduce stress on the ice cover downstream".
  22. Wasn't it written into the IJC charter that they cannot be sued from the results of their actions? I think I read that somewhere. If that is true that is the primary issue at hand. The idea of private shipping interests being represented by a quasi international government entity is a major red flag. If an entity is immune from any repercussions from its actions there is no driver to ensure its actions are kept in check. Let's say weather had more to do with this like iiwhistler says-if they could be held responsible you can be dam sure they'd have all the data presented in an orderly fashion to depict no fault. You could also be dam sure they would not be lackadaisical about missing opportunities to increase flows when needed. What we have is a bureaucracy that has zero incentive to be proactive and shipping corps shielded from fault. Whether its weather or man-made doesn't matter as much as the fact there is zero culpability.
  23. I saw the snapped off telephone poles and downed trees everywhere in Cape the next day. That was a crazy blow.
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