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  1. hey jerry we should be out there fishing that mudline
  2. fished the south end 8-10' from 10am-3pm. lots of little little little perch, maybe a dozen keepers out of the 125+ caught. waxworms, and beat up, dead perch minnows seem to do the trick. plenty of ice but theres alot of slushy spots. no action on the tips ups. anyone know how the north end has been?
  3. im with yankee. this years silverado is motor trends truck of the year. i have an 02 silverado with 150000 (trading it in this spring for a new one). its been a great truck i wouldnt consider buying anything else.
  4. my causin with his 4th place king 33-5# my father in law with his 31-3# king my uncle with his 29-3# king the captain only gets to reel in the little ones :? :? :?
  5. i run both balls and pancakes. on the 2 back riggers i run balls and run them both as the deeper riggers. on the side riggers i usually run pancakes. i bent the fin slightly (too much will make them swim) and they actually pull away from the boat to give myself a little bit more of a rigger spread.
  6. hey jerry. things are good, just getting things ready for this year (trying to cure spring fever) cant wait to uncover the boat and start tinkering i missed the meeting too, (had plans with my better half). robert holden is the person to talk to. i talked to him on thursday and there was no schedule set. he said the dec was very happy with how everything went last year and we may be adding new pens next year. as i learn more about this years schedule ill post on the board. im sure there other guys on lou that would like to be involved too
  7. the first hamlin pen rearing meeting is scheduled for this sat at the hamlin town hall 1:30. for more info contact robert holden cell 585-507-0303 or email [email protected]
  8. longer the leader the less the action. 18"-24" rule of thumb. i usually run 22" behind e-chips
  9. i happen to know alot of Lowes management. let me know (pm me) and i will contact someone for material donations. (zip ties, rope, pvc for floats, etc) i would be more than glad to help and this gos for other pen rearing projects too.
  10. im the owner of a small residential construction company
  11. this is one from the old board i think you guys are looking for http://www.team-fishigan.com/FT/salmon_v2.pdf repaired thanks
  12. fish from 630- 230, conditions and weather were really decent. we iced 35+ keeper perch (jig and minnow). we had about 20 flags (live and dead bait) but we only iced 2 pike (both keepers though). lost the fish of the day at the hole. :? first time ive been out for the season. lot of action for the day, and just a good day to be out.
  13. i figure there isnt a better day than "april fools day" to put the boat back in the water. (just make sure you keep a snow brush on board) see ya on the water april 1st
  14. colemans is a great shop i dont think id shop any where else. you cant beat the service or the knowledge Carl gives you.
  15. nice pic dan, you both look pretty happy. myself, i shot a 8 pt and a big doe with the bow. (missed a nice 7pt? too, damn tree branch). i got a 9 pt on opening day gun season (WWIII). i was very fortunate to spend 150+ hrs in the woods this year ,and the deer numbers and sightings seemed to be down a bit but overall it was still a good year.
  16. its a little off topic but w/ the boat docked in the driveway under a foot of snow its depressing to talk about trollin. (less than 2 months till its trolling time.) so how was everyones hunting season? turkey? deer? ducks? geese?
  18. Hey Jax 1- Clarkson Electric on rt 104 (just west of redman rd in clarkson) 2- Tommy Barbara 392-7304 (marine mechanic in hilton) hope it helps
  19. hey King i would have to say keith is pretty close in his estimate (14'). everytime i go out i just have to lower the outriggers and the nets. i wouldnt think you would have any boat clearing problems Rob, "The Legacy", Sandy Creek
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