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  1. If your looking for something different then do a tourney like they do out here on lake champlain. On top of biggest fish, they have a cold water division which gives you the choice of different fish you can catch but you need two different species. To make it fit Lake O style you could say you can catch any of the grand slam fish but in you limit of 6 you need atleast two different species. That way if you have a lot of steelies around but the rest are hard to come by you can atleast weigh in 5 fish but those who can happen to get a salmon, brown or lt, can have that one fish on top of the other 5 giving them the extra points
  2. 26lb king Vladdy and his nice king mac and his big king Two happy employers! Can you say bonus! lol
  3. Arrived friday and saw the huge pack out in front of the river, instead of fighting the crowd we decided to go deeper and on our way out we hit a double in 150 fow down 85 to 104. We marked the way point and worked the area the rest of the weekend. Friday night we ended up 5 for 7, sat am 6 for 9, sat pm 5 for 5 and sunday am 6 for 8. Hammer flies and a custom green fly took all the hits. We couldn't get any spoons or j-plugs to fire. Wires were best with 250 out on a 3 setting and 280 out on a 1.5 setting. all fish were between 19 and 25 nothing huge but all nice fish. if i can figure out how to post pics i'll post them later tonight
  4. heading to LO this weekend...we were thinking about capping of the trip with a quick trip on the west side of oneida for a few eyes...just wondering if anyone has any info on where to find some eyes...i have never fished oneida so i hate to head out there on a guess
  5. thanks mark... i see that my bait leads have been a little to long
  6. i put a piece of tape down on the spool to give the wire something to grip to, then use a double overhand knot and it holds fine
  7. 30lb wire is to much for a 27lc, if anything maybe you can fit 20lb wire on? (not sure about this though) we use 30lb and it fills a 47lc up
  8. we've run 12lb ande's in the past. Only time we've had a prob is from repeated wear on the line, this is fishing spoons and dodger flies. Now that we compete in many tournys we run heavier line, but if you keep the drags set loosely and check your line each time you should be fine. I know many say they've been almost spooled and had to put tension on the fish to turn them around, the way i look at it is your line maybe be weaker but it is much smaller in diameter this means more on the spool which will make up for not being able to put the knuckles to them.
  9. sharks are my favorite by far. i have pancakes sharks and the torpedos. The sharks just seem to track better, not to mention those few days that fish just seem to want any lure behind the chrome shark. pancakes tend to tangle no matter what you do to them. we use the torpedo on our probe but that will change next year when we go to the heavier 15 lb shark
  10. i've come off the water around 930 a couple different times and was never locked in. although i've heard they close the gates at 9 or 10 in the fall. this was years ago however before we started fishing oswego so i'm not sure what they do now
  11. had the same problems, first check the tail they need to be straight or they will cross, also check circle where you hook it to the rigger that needs to be in line too. hopfully that will fix your problem
  12. oswego when the fish show up then we'll follow them towards the salmon river
  13. im sure things have changed but two weeks ago while people were getting a few salmon in close, we did quite well during pre-fishing in the 350fow out to 400 fow area about 2 miles west of sodus bay. i know fishtails was fishing deeper water like us and did quite well also. so it might be worth a quick look out deep if you can't find any salmon in close. good luck!
  14. After talking to bob from royal flush the past two years about the scotty's im definitly intrigued. i like how its your top 5 fish and not your first legal catch brought onboard. I think we are going to try out the spring scotty before the pro/ams start. hopefully we'll see you there rod.
  15. I have used a dipsy straight off the back in the past before, easier to get out of the way than copper and its far enough back that it won't get into your riggers. In a trip a few years ago in front of the salmon river it took 4 hits for us one morning.
  16. for this time of the year i wouldn't recommend using flea flicker on dipsy's, they just won't get deep enough, if its free then definitly put it on your riggers. As for wire combo's you can get a diawa 47 lc accudepth plus for around 50 bucks, and is a great reel for the money, then a 1000 ft of 30 lb wire will run about 30. Doing this might save you a few bucks and is just another option instead of buying a made up combo. As for a rod any med to heavy rod will do, if your lacking rods diawa also makes a rod called the heartland series, from a tip from billy v this is my first year trying them out and i am impressed for 25 to 30 dollars you can't go wrong. We fish all four pro/ams then do a trip in the fall to oswego to mexico bay area and which comes out to be around 20 outtings a year and our rod tips have yet to show any sign of wear, so in my opinion a twilli-tip is not needed unless you fishing everyday. hope this helps,
  17. it definitly drops off much quicker over in oswego, probably only need to run 3 to 5 miles to get into fish. from the sound of things kings are scattered so if you find good bait pods stop and fish it from multiple directions and something should happen, the last couple weeks fish seem to be out of temp so don't afraid to fish out of temp. if fishing is slow you'll see 5 stacks to the east of harbor. start around 60 fow and move out to 90 until you find bait along bottom, once you found the bait you found the browns. 45 to 60 feet back 5 feet off bottom, alewive and glow frog patterns seems to do the trick.
  18. ~ the back of the fly is the end where you see the mylar tied around the head, off the top of my head i think atommik uses red thread to secure their mylar. ~ As for browns we run 30 pound mono with no problems. at the end of the mono i attach a ball bearing swivle to about 3 or 4 feet of 25 pound florocarbon to a dou-lock snap. For lures i use nk 28 size and super slim size. I know many use smaller spoons than that but the 28 seemed to be what the browns wanted last weekend during the pro am. As for color i'd go with glow frog or alewive pattern. hope this helps
  19. i'm sure there are salmon around in close around the bait, last weekend at the sodus pro am we pulled in a king 70 fow off bottom while brown fishing, the only deal is that the short water will change so rapidly from the wind, this seems to keep the majority of kings out in the deeper more stable water. If it were me i'd leave an hour earlier in the morning and give that extra hour in the 105 to 135 fow range and if nothing goes then you can still head out deeper and hit that early morn bite if you can find them.
  20. still a great fish to be proud of, btw it was nice meeting you this weekend fishtails
  21. good job guys, you definitly had you game on this weekend, see you guys next weekend ~team oh-baby
  22. ouch! thats why im glad to have a four stroke outboard...we have a 10 gallon tank and went through a half tank on the run, definitly hurts the pocket but we went with the go big or go home moto...we did the same thing as you basically fished our marks around the oak and found out they were gone sat...so sunday we ran to wilson where we fished during the first tourny we were next to you...the light blue hard top boat...we set up basically where you set up sunday and started trolling east and found the temp was a little colder down deeper so we ran west more but i guess not west enough
  23. where was that news during the tourny! lol we ended day two about a mile from the bar and only caught kings trolling from wilson to where we ended. congrats on the 7th place finish yankee and we'll see ya in oswego
  24. shade i haven't fished these tournaments for a long time but some of the pros that i have talked with said this was the first year where there seemed to be an abundent of salmon around the area. i looked a back through the last 4 years of compitition and if you limited out both days you were garrenteed to be in the top ten. This year just seemed to be a great but very unusual year. Another fact to keep in mind is if you had the tournaments at the end of the month they would basicaly be 4 tourny's one weekend after another and it would be hard for many of the teams to compete in all the tournys due to work conflict. just my .02 cents
  25. prefished for 5 hours thursday found our honey hole for the weekend where we went 14 for 22...friday we went search else where in case our fish dissappeared we'd have a back up plan...well we didn't light the world on fire and ended up finding just a few fish, nothing worth staying for ended up with an 8 for 13 day. We get out sat morn first day of the tourny and they wind was playing havoc with us, to stay on our line it caused the boat to be going through the water at an angle that our dipsies where crossing across the boat so we scrapped that and went with 3 downriggers and 2 coppers... well that was the plan we get two downriggers down and as we were setting the third up both went off and we missed both...ok maybe needed to tighted our releases get both down and again setting up the third and the port rigger fires no one home then as we were putting that one down the starboard side fires and again no one home...by now i'm thinking its gunna be one of those days and we were only a half hour into it... finally we get all three riggers up and i start putting out the first copper and the copper takes off out of my hand... fish on then both riggers a triple.we finished the rest in 36 minutes and we were in by 7:11...unforchantly we had extremely small fish and ended the day in the 20's, the next day we decided to fish in deeper water and down deeper to see if we could get into bigger fish, we went with a 2 downrigger set and thats it, we bagged out at 7:30 but our average only went up one pound per fish... all in all it was a good weekend anything blue or yellow fired for us, we fished from 30 to 150 feet down and just killed small fish, unforchantly for us only 2 teenagers and they were on thursday. sorry for the limited info but i'll update more after next weeks pro-am
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