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  1. does anyone know when they send you an email confirming your registration? I sent the money in two weeks ago and figured i'd have an email by now. I've tried emailing them but i keep getting an error message saying that it can't be sent. Just trying to make sure everything is all good before the deadline is over.
  2. he lives vicariously through himself
  3. they are a certain length and weight i believe. From what i hear they are great rigger rods for spoons but a bit light for flasher flies
  4. Mark, If i remember right ernie has been cutting strips from the whole bait and attaching them to the flies by using a piece of wire that wraps around the eye of the single hook to hold the meat in place. I've been using meat with our flies for 3 years now and what i found to work is to salt the strips overnight and just use the tandem hooks to keep the meat in place. The new cut bait works perfectly as the strips are tough enough.
  5. I brought them in personally, he mentioned that they send the specs overseas to be made and that their shipment has been held up in customs and expected them sometime in august.
  6. We used the new cut bait during the east pro/ams and it's been real hot. I have one 10 inch spinny that kept firing so to add another rig i took a 8 inch spinny switched the tail snap over to the other side and kept the normal lead and both accounted for atleast 3 to 4 fish a day while going 2.4 mph at the ball. All of the wire btw
  7. there have been some good reports followed with some bad about the lanes. All i can say if it doesn't work out for you, head down to about 200 to 275 north of the sandy's, i have heard of decent reports from there, fish were deep 65 to 135 down.
  8. Ande ande ande...may cost a bit more but i've never once had a break off because of the line
  9. new fish-on cut bait to a twinkie rig to a 10 in spinny on a diver has been hot this summer...definitly recommend it
  10. i'll second what ray says, if you want to run cowbells i run blue and silver cowbells to a 15 inch lead to a black and silver smithwick. That set-up accounts for hundreds of lakers a year up here on lake champlain, also works on ontario too!
  11. get well bob...my prayers are with you
  12. a company i use to work for called foster's tent and canvas made them for me. They roll up quite well for me but i keep most spoons out of it during the winter as i like to tape them up. I'm not sure how much i bought these for but if u'd lke i could find out, i'd just need the demension's you're looking at.
  13. Had two of these made up to hold spoons for the boat and it does the job real well, they are 4 feet wide by 2.5 tall. It has two covers one that is solid to block out sun for the glos and one thats clear to see through. Just another way to get rid of those bulky spoon boxes.
  14. def a brown...the spots on an atlantic are like x's
  15. very cool thanks for the pics
  16. Here ya go: http://www.atommiktrollingflies.com/Crazy%20****.jpg
  17. If you do end up looking at a differen't trailer in the future consider loadmaster. Bought one new from them last year, they take the specs of your hull and design the trailer for your boat. Top notch for sure!
  18. Opti-tackle steel is just as good as anyone else's
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