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  1. 50 lb seaguar fluorocarbon with an Offset Gamakatsu Octopus Circle to two or three beads to a Owner 4X Treble Hook. Been getting much better hook ups since going to this rig.
  2. very nice!!!! ...i'm extremely jealous seeing how i'm staring at 14 to 18 inches of ice out on lake champlain right...Come on spring
  3. 18" is plenty, and i don't recommend the mini grip if your using flasher flies as they will not hold.
  4. good looking lures rod, steelies last year liked the cheddar flies behind the spoons so i don't see why these wouldn't work
  5. i wonder why they changed the times. It kind of puts a hinder on making a run to find the fish and with the ability to catch 3 more fish you'd think they wouldn't shorten our fishing time. Might need to borrow the neighbor’s cigarette boat to make up some time to the fishing grounds. lol
  6. the scotty grips i use are #1171, they connect to the downrigger wire so it doesn't effect the way your weights tracts and they are the power grips which you need, i find the mini grips aren't strong enough for flasher flies. As for the chamberlain i changed to those this summer, b/c a friend gave them to try. Very easy to adjust doesn't take long to tune them in. Both are very good releases. I will keep the chamberlain's for downriggers and changed my scottys to planner board releases.
  7. it's about time for the 24 to do something special
  8. A lil birdy said somebody turned 40! Happy birthday tom
  9. i second that keep the echip above the hooks so the beads aren't affected
  10. old amateur division is back!!! i've been hoping for this for a long time now…probably the best rule change the committee could have done for the am division...this is going to make the rest of winter go by very slowly! paul and the rest of the tourney committee, i'd like to thank you for your work, i know you all work very hard to make this tournament go! One question though are the tournament directors from all four going to see if they can make a list before each tourney of interested observers as many commented that it was a good idea.
  11. put one out as a tail gunner this year in front of the salmon river and it picked up 2 coho's, but as erin stated copper and lead has kinda taken over
  12. Flies - glow hammer, green hypnotist, b-fly spoons - carmel dolphin, lemon ice, blue fin tuna
  13. I bought the unit in 04 and had trouble trolling down with it. Then this year i contacted raymarine and they had me send it in to get it recalibrated. The guy said that they had fixed the bugs in the unit and it now can troll down to speeds needed on the great lakes. Although the unit did troll down it would turn off for no apparent reason regularly. So needless to say the simrad 14 or 12 is going on the new boat this year.
  14. beautiful boat tom! does this mean a new atommik team to come in the near future?
  15. a trick to try sometime is to try some spoons or flashers with 1 flash and the next with 2 or 3 flashes...sometimes the salmon want the very dim glow and other times they like that bright glow it all depends on the mood of the fish so experiment!
  16. we've used 12lb ande for years but recently went to 25 lb ande with a 20 lb floro leader due to flasher flies setups. 12lb is great with spoons and will prob rig up 2 rods with 12lb for spoons this winter but with flasher and flies the heavier line seems to hold up better
  17. http://www.sharkcannonballs.com/homepage.html
  18. chrome and black...both have their time and place
  19. placed my order in a few weeks ago too can't wait to see these puppies in action next year!
  20. we have the new ray a series and it's alright...little disappointed from the high reviews it had. With the new boat on the way we started looking at new finders and the new lowrance has definitly peaked my interest. If you go to their website you'll see what i am talking about, very impressive.
  21. Tom the current NYS regs do limit rods...here is the exact wording from dec website "An angler may operate no more than two lines with or without a rod, and each line is limited to not more than five lures or baits or a combination of both, and in addition, each line shall not exceed fifteen hook points in any combination of single, double or treble hooks."
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