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  1. heres: a pic how we posted ours. i think it's something like your thinking
  2. We switched some of our dispy's over this year to magnums, and i like how it doesn't take nearly as much line to get to depth. however, we got more hits on the size 1 dipsy's than the magnums. Just wondering what you guys use and why
  3. Is the bottle of liquer part of the procedure too! lol
  4. i recieved my rods yesterday, can't wait to try them.
  5. tom you have another team for no communication.
  6. super crazy spinny - siggs rigs oh baby fly hammertime spinny - atommik uv green fly
  7. thanks for the kind words steve...john and travis said they talked with you at wright's, i wish i was down there to meet a fellow L.O.U er'
  8. Thursday hit up the area between 5 stacks and the nuke plant. Had a slow steady pick all morning and ended the day 9 for 14. Friday hit up in front of the salmon river where we hit fish earlier in the week and they had disappear, we then ran to nine mile to see that they wheren’t biting nearly as good as the day before. We ended the only 2 for 3. Saturday we fished our area between 5 stacks and the nuke plant and was able to generate 8 bites and boated 1 dink brown and 3 nice salmon including a 29lb 12 oz which is on the leaderboard at the moment. After day 1 we where in 9th place 1 spot out of the money. Sunday we fished our area again but in close 75 to 115. We boat 3 salmon, 2 browns and a steelhead by 10. However, we heard the bite was good again out near sandy pond so we made the move and it paid off. There was bait and hooks everywhere on the graph and the temp. We were able to boat our other 2 fish right off then decided to make the long home to make sure we got in on time. Well it was a good thing we did because 300 yards past the pier heads we ran out of gas in one tank and couldn’t get the engine started once we switched over the tank. By the end of the day we jumped 4 teams to 5th. The fishing was very tough so hats off to every team and it was nice meeting and talking to a bunch of new guys. Hopefully we will see you all next year. Baits: mag spoons especially monshine carbon 14, the oh-baby fly made by siggs rigs paired with a crazyfish spinny, and an atommik uv green fly paired with a hammertime spinny the rig that took the 29 pounder.
  9. that spoon has been around for a while now. Longline is right is right the original two spoons were nk and silver streak green thunder with ladder tape. Both dreamweaver and stinger have their own version of the 42 second spoon out now due to the popularity of it. So, really it depends what brand spoon you like.
  10. you might want to call yvan, if you guys didn't recieve an email because it looks like all 37 emails were included. I recieved it firday mid morning.
  11. Hello participants, On behalf of King Of The Lake Promotions I would like to thank you for your participation in the 2009 King Of The Lake Whitby Summer Edition. The fishing in Whitby should be second to none this year with the fish being set up from 20miles east to 20 miles west. The reason for this e-mail is to notify everyone of our payout adjustment and to make sure you get the rules. We have 37 teams registered in this event. This is great considering the economy and all that is happening in the world. Thank you!! We believe this payout is very good considering the amount of boats entered! 1 - $10,000 2 - $3000 3 - $2000 4 - $1000 5 - $1000 6 - $750 7 - $500 8 - $500 This more than a 100% of entries and we are very proud of this!! Thanks to our sponsors for making this happen!! ****Dreamweaver Big Fish Friday weigh in is at 3:00pm. ( you must be in line to weigh in prior to 3:00pm at the tent behind the Best Western) ****Check in is between 4:30pm and 6:00pm. ****Captain's meeting is at 6:00pm (this will take place in the Econo Lodge Ballroom located at Steamers). If you fail to make the check in time or if the captain is not at the captains meeting you will be assessed a penalty. The penalty will be the following morning you will not receive your puck to allow to weigh in for one hour after the initial shot gun start. Again, we thank you and look forward to seeing you at the marina. Sincerely, Robyn Charrois Administrator
  12. i'll second traxtechs they are very solid. We had angler pals on our boat at first but they wouldn't hold under the pressure of a wire dipsy, especially when a mature hit.
  13. Like kremer said. Don't point the rod at the fish. Just make sure u always have tension on the fish. I don't recommend horsing in a fish on wire. There is very little stretch in the line even with a snubber so unless its hooked real well there's a good chance to pull the hook.
  14. i say keep the pier head but give us our run time back ( cuz i love to run and get away from the pack lol) and fish till 130. At most tournaments the person collecting the waivers is there and waiting for 10 minutes or so. So, let am's hand in waivers at 4:50, leave dock at 5, and start fishing at 530. Then end fishing at 130. By the time the majority of the am teams weighed in there was a half hour lull with just a few stragglers before the pros came in unless the boxed out early. By finishing at 130 i think there would be enough time between the am and pro's to keep the lines to a minimum
  15. allseason's and fat nancy's have great selection. I've actually been able to find more at allseason's, usually fat nancy's is sold. another choice is woody's they have a decent selection and the cheapest of them all
  16. I have burnt out my penns and okuma's and the only thing to survive so far this summer are the diawa sealines. I love the feel of my okuma catalina's but 3 out of 4 clickers have failed. I have scottys' and never turn off the clickers so im sure thats my problem, but so far very impressed with the sealine's, seem to be built like a tank.
  17. Are your dipsies tripping when a fish hit? and if so do you have a snubber on your dipsy? If yes to both then there not to tight and it might be more of a drag problem or slack while fighting the fish.
  18. i'd like to see the am's get some more run time and maybe our half hour back, but 8 hours is plenty. Don't get me wrong i'd love to fish all day too but i think the rules now is what makes the pro/am's so unique. You get your 8 hours and you try to get numbers. I think there was only two day this year out of 8 that we didn't have enough hits to fill the box, it's all about cashing in on your opportunities and getting on fish. Couple more hours and then some tournies turns into who got lucky enough to bag bigger fish and not who was able to get on numbers. Just my wierd way of thinking...
  19. i have used suttons behind flashers. One day last fall the fish shut down, so for kicks i put down a sutton behind a chrome flasher and i was able to catch a couple additional fish They have a real erratic action which seemed to trigger them to strike. I have tried it since with no success so who knows.
  20. Thanks rod. that email worked a lot better. you guys fishing the fair haven challenge the week before or just the scotty?
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