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  1. Team OH-BABY would like to thank you for putting on such a great get together...you definitly how to treat your guests!
  2. not sure what we placed in the am division...after pre-fishing we found our spot which we loaded with salmon turned out to be right next to yankee (guess good fishing men think alike )...we limited out an hour to an hour and a half both days unforchantly they were small fish even 150 feet down but either way it was great fishing and i can't complain...see you guys next week at the oak...
  3. team oh-baby is in, matt l, steve l (dad), travis l. brother in-law good luck to all
  4. they were out in deeper water monday...and in the river at the cliffs. i drifted and trolled the bouys most of the day with no results then i quickly went out to 25 fow for one drift and caught one 26" within 5 minutes then picked up and went in for the day. At the launch a guy said he had good luck in the river but as soon as other boats got there it shut down. btw the fish in the river are small very few keepers...i'd say drift or troll a lil deeper and if no results work your way out past the bouys until you find some bait out deeper (usually suspended and get the big momma's.
  5. Thanks for answering my questiosn paul. Good luck out there this year!
  6. fished the black river and it's bay monday. Caught one walleye all day. it was caught out past the bouys in 22 fow drifting a night crawler harness
  7. What happened to the 7th fish! the bonus lake trout played a key role in separatingteams, i don't see why that was dropped. Either way i can't wait until niagara...it looks like it's going to be a good year!
  8. thanks bill thats what i thought but wanted another opinion
  9. I plan on bringing my grandfather this year to one of the pro/am tournaments but he use to be a charter captain. I talked to bill about this and was told i'd be able to compete in the amateur division still if i could show proof that he is no longer a charter captain. So thats where i need your help...what do you guys have to do to renew your license? would there be a way to show that he never renewed his license? anyways i'm not sure how to prove this so any ideas welcomed.
  10. the application i got in the mail says walk-in date is 27th of may and mail in is the 23rd. can anyone else confirm this because the dates are right for the tournys but it says 2007?
  11. Once in a while last year i had to use the rubber band method with my power pro backing on the copper...works for me!
  12. you could half hitch a rubber band to the fireline then put the rubber band in the release
  13. shade heres the link http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishin ... p&start=15
  14. I have the cannon and love it. The light feature makes the extra money worth it in my opinion. Although the probe costs alot, jeff lantiegne posted a way to attach the probe to the cable that makes it almost impossible to lose unless u break the cable above the unit.
  15. If i remember right a walleye fisherman said he caught 2 kings with worm harnesses while fishing for walleyes at the bar last year during a tourny.
  16. we'll be there too, arriving on the 29th, and look forward to meeting all of you at the weigh in or the captains meeting
  17. i use 30# ande's tourny...works well and seems to shed the fleas quite well
  18. bought a 14 foot starcraft last year and my lil 5hp 4 stroke just doesn't do the job. I'm looking for something like a 9.9 doesn't matter if it's a 4 or 2 stroke as long as it runs well
  19. Yankee do you know the guys name you were talking to? i know john allen from royal flush and could prob get whoevers email address from him
  20. I know its early but last year at this time we knew about some of the new rules...just wondering if anyone has heard anything yet? can't wait until Niagara!
  21. nice catch gambler...definitely makes me jealous use to have a good walleye population here in lake champlain and now i will be lucky to even catch one up here the rest of my life
  22. I second tall tails, i put a second group on last year and was very pleased with the quality.
  23. im with yankee...crocs are definitly the way to go, extremely comfy, and warm enough on the cool days and cool enough on the hot days...can't ask for anything better
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