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  1. for sale ...fishing hook ,has a point on one end and a hole on the other for attaching line , very good condition
  2. Thats why i use "crickets" size 5... dont need no darn eggs.
  3. Great post H.B. i fished everyday for 2 weeks in my back yard and didnt catch a thing..I hope he remembers to put a hook on his lure.
  4. FOR SALE : Great boat it floats and has a motor ,I have fished for 15 years from this boat and never caught 1 fish. If you are looking to go for years without catching a fish ,she is the one for you...
  5. i used pp and wire on lake o. with good results for fleas ,but i had twillies and they would cut right off ....But the seneca fleas were a little more problem with pp but doable..dypsys are a great way to put meat on the deck,but i would prefer a rigger bite as i can(could i sold boat) run light tackle and enjoy the fight .after 20 plus years trolling i would say the 3 "S's" are the most important for a good catching...Speed ,Speed, Speed...many here could spend hours telling ya what time of day,temp of water, time of year,water color,depth of lure,sunny day ,cloudy day,species, effects the color of lure will work best. BUT a great lure for the right condition will produce very little if it is ran to fast or slow...
  6. http://www.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/wayoflife/04/09/aa.bad.gas/ i have a computer so i did a search .........amazing thing these puter thingies
  7. I noticed this a while back..........thats why i believe i got no response to my add ..:Wanted New Birthday Suit: as i have outgrown my old one..
  8. back when i were a kid we let them little uns go..
  9. fun cove to pull the boards in tight if their not at the cliffs they are 200 yds on the point...but you knew that ,kinda miss spring fishing....
  10. a little corrision at the back pin connection can vary temps
  11. muffler shop ,,or someone who builds their own "Stock Cars" will get ya help
  12. wa wa wa ...ok i have a computer so its easier for me to type in how to age a walleye ,rather than type in i wonder how old.................ect,ect..so thats where my common sence comes from...plus i feel better doing my own research ,sometimes i lern sumpting.............. http://www.wildernessisland.com/WalleyePikeAgeSize.php#.VSpn3fnF8W4
  13. about 1/2 the age of a 47 lbr..
  14. wonder what type vibration they produce myself..sound like something we could all use
  15. too late ,but a day at key west is right up there with a day in a dentist chair......didnt know they had pawn shops I have never been in one ..but good idea ..just a week late .arggh.
  16. time is on my side as i have all summer to look around,just hope to find a good deal and thought id post before i forget ..due to the deep cold water the snowy grouper has great flavor,over reg. grouper on the reef. plus the season for reg .ends dec. 31st ..just the time we arrive . did get there a week early but the weather (wind) and wife (more wind) have a restriction till camp is setup
  17. Discovered a new way to fish in the keys but they are 600 to 700 ft down..it takes a pretty heavy weight and ya drift over humps so ya need to reel in and reset several times a hour ..sorta like reeling in 700ft copper 10 times a hour .. even a large spool 2 speed manual might work ....thanks..oh Snowy grouper.and tilefish are the targets..Good eating..............
  18. just for yer info several 12lb plus were landed this year .first time since the 60 this class of fish were landed. also the numbers of rainbow have gotten crazy (lots of them) in the creek,and nice comeback in the lake . I have been fishing there from 1970 (creek) yea it ain't the same but the fish seem to like it..
  19. havent been around much for the winter,just looked at "New Topics" and most of the 2 pages were" for sale stuff "..def a buyers mkt
  20. rats missed it again ,probly 1/4 of the stuff was what i sold last spring...its nice getting old all i need now is a speargun , mask and fins
  21. 17 will be fine with 4 guys,,i had to drop to a 15 with 4 guys with a 4 cyc 120 hp on a 22ft alum offshore.
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