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  1. http://www.spinlife.com/Nova-Inflatable-Rubber-Cushion-Specialty-Cushion/spec.cfm?productID=94796&adv=bingShopping&utm_medium=CSE&utm_term=2701&utm_campaign=Cushions%20&%20Backs%20%3E%20Wheelchair%20Cushions%20%3E%20Specialty&utm_source=bingShopping&mr:referralID=f15802cb-2014-11e5-8fcd-005056946dac if this dont fit get a tractor tube (rear tube)
  2. ya ain't run 220v to the outhouse yet? how do ya heat it?
  3. I tie the string to the spool thingy and reel it till its full
  4. mine is a older motor 2004 max rpm is 5500..also 40 gal tank and 2 batteries mercury but really a yamaha motor made for merc.......plus a t top probly another 150 lbs ..4200 rpm is my "happy spot" 24mph
  5. any motor trimmed for top speed will cavatate or vent as you say on a turn,just gotta drop it down a tad and it will grip..yea 800 rpm is a bit much for loaded boat probly workin a tad to get outa the hole,also,,I too have a 115 4 st. and had same issues with 4 people full tank and diving gear,dropped to a 15 in stainless tho alum would work fine and it helped a lot..i have a 19.6ft key largo,,, even with full load it still wont hit top rpm drop 200 lbs and im good to go..the 115 4 stroke is not as strong as i would like, even alone it just don't jump outa the water ,once on plane then all is good..Bottom line we need at least 150 hp..but thats cost prohabative for me and i really enjoy 7mpg when i take trips out the back islands..So yea the 15 i would recomend ....
  6. say it aint so ,Dad.....miss you guys ...Hope all is well,,,,,," Team L.O.U.S.E.R.S.".........Maybe ya better start playing in the warm water with me..........Ray.....yes as you can see in the last pic i am still crazyyyyy
  7. my dream boat for the keys..Ray K USMC 75/ 79 Hmm-261
  8. Yes If the bearing is really worn the armature is off centered and the electric field gets a little wacky,,,,also if ya didnt order check amazon found a starter for my dads 1968 riding tractor 56.00 at amazon 176.00 at techumsa (spell check) same exact part number and supplier.....just me 2 cents
  9. hmm check with some other Captains ,maybe if you get Paul all wadded up on drinks they might tip ya for elimanating some compatition
  10. 4to6 lbrs from the fingers are great also,like to cube in 2 in chunks and deep fry gotta be fresh tho proper cleaning and cookin is required...............like i tell people ya gut shoot a deer let it lay for a day and serve it up for the first time for someone and that will be the last deer meat they eat......proper killin,cleaning and cookin..is a must
  11. I suspected the big weenie braggers would mention their rubber meat
  12. never too late for a good fishing story ...congrats..
  13. i use em on my saltwater boat takes 2 sec to remove for good cleaning,or when i dont need them,,,bad thing it takes 2 sec to steal riggers,suppose you could lock em easy..tho..
  14. i would of guessed 10 from the pic ,maybe yer set for kgm...geese if you lost it at the net it mighta gone 25 lbs...great job,, thanks for keeping some of house bound old farts in the loop..
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