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  1. I've run 25 lb Maxima for years in ultra green and fleas have not been an issue. The wire is a different story!!
  2. First time out this season. Boat ran well. Fishing was decent. 12 for 16, all browns a couple approaching 10 lbs. Worked 6-11 fow. East of port. Nice color inside first thing, then she started to clear up. Bay Rats in Goby patterns off the boards, Stinger glow gobys on the riggers.
  3. Got out for a few hours on Saturday night. Went to Long Pond along the North shore. Couldn't get Leeches yet so night crawlers and Red Worms for us. We caught half dozen bullheads, 2 LARGE perch and a Silver Bass. Not bad for first time out.
  4. Jason and Trish, my family's prayers are with you.
  5. Back in 1974 as a senior in high school, myself and 5 friends decided it would be cool to go to the beach and take a swim, it was mid February and very cold. Never thought that people in their right minds would do something so crazy. Unfortunately, we didn't have tents and towels or changes of clothes. What a great event and a good cause!
  6. That would be fantastic. My cell # 585-362-6713
  7. Anyone know a a shop where I can have a new clicker installed on a diawa 47lc? JV is closed. Rochester area would be great.
  8. Since JV Tackle closed, does anyone know of a shop in the Rochester area that can do some reel repair? I need a clocker replaced. Thanks in advance
  9. Has JV Fishing Tackle closed or have they relocated? Anyone have any info?
  10. Will this work with rack and pinion steering?
  11. Nice job skipper. I was wondering what you were doing these last few days. I should have guessed!
  12. I also run the dive bombs right about the midway point of the copper, 500feet of copper dive bomb at 250 feet. Being doing this for a few years also. Never any issues.
  13. Thanks for posting Rob. Interesting report. Everyone should read this as it answers a lot of questions about the state of our fishery.
  14. Haven't fished since late May. So getting out was great. The fishing however wasn't. We worked from 100 fow to 350 fow, 6 releases, 4 fish on, 2 kings landed, both low teens. FF, MEAT, and spoons. No pattern to speak of. 85ft rigger, 400,500 coppers, diver out 240 on a 2 setting. Beautiful day. Best screen was between 260 and 300ft.
  15. Dave thanks for the response. I'm talking about the stretch of water between court st and the inner loop bridge over browns race.
  16. Does anyone have any experience with navigating the stretch of river south of the upper falls towards court street. Is it even navigable by boat? I would appreciate any responses.
  17. I only had a couple hours in the afternoon to fish. Be back at Sandy on Sunday. Where have you been hiding?
  18. Got out for a few hours yesterday. Trolled between the Genny and I-bay 40fow-110fow. Tons of bait and marks in the muddy water. No takers. Temps at 38 to 41 down 30ft outside the mud line. Beautiful evening out there. First skunk of the year, hopefully the last!
  19. Headed east out of the river, set up in 65 fow. Nice green water towards the bay. Worked 65-75 fow, 5 for 8 on kings to 19lbs. 1 skippy in the mix. Riggers down 30, divers out 65 on a 3 setting. Green dot spinny with green glow fly, NK wonderbread spoon and another spoon that I can't recall the name. Beautiful day out there, Quit at 11am.
  20. On the water at 615am, headed west to the pump house, turned east and set up. Clear water everywhere but the creek mouth. Trolled east until Cowsucker then turned west. We managed 10 bites and landed 5. 3 Coho, 1 brown, and a very nice Atlantic.6-10 fow, Smithwick's and Rats off the boards and Stinger Gobies on the riggers. Overall a good shakedown.
  21. Fished Braddocks at the parkway bridge last night, kept 35, caught around 45, worms before dark and leeches after dark. A fun night for sure
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