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  1. My tilt and trim sylenoids aren't working....must of corroded over the winter. So I ordered a couple of Solid State relays (should be here Fri.) Hopefully will finally make splash-down Sat. afternoon at the north end. Will have to try that Flasher/fly combo Ray raves about. In the past I've used a NK 28 watermelon which was a pretty good producer, but the most I've done in one day is 9 fish.
  2. Let me know how you do! I usually launch out of Dean's Cove (Across the lake from King Ferry) and I should have the boat in the water soon.
  3. I'm going to be selling my 16' Sea Nymph and use the $ for electronics. I buried the truck trying to get it out of the yard I have it stored at so I will be a few weeks be I can get it out. Right now I have an older Eagle and I didn't mark too many fish on Lake Ontario last year even though we were catching them. If we were trolling for browns in 30 FOW or so I marked a lot, but not out in the 140-400 range. A trip out?...I'm in!
  4. I just started fishing Lake Ontario and also fish Seneca quite a bit. What should I look for in a new fish finder?
  5. These guys sell the Mason 7-strand wire for 35.99 http://www.biglakeoutfitters.com/index. ... ucts_id=67 I just started fishing out of Sodus last year and after reading this forum set myself up with some AD47LC's on Daiwa 9'6" Heartlands this year. I bought the reels on e-bay thinking they were the SG47LC's because of the Gold color.....got em for around $4o A piece. Oh well live and learn. Upgrady (Hans) told me about the tennis ball trick. worked pretty good!
  6. Snyder Thanks! I'll have to place an order for one....pretty inexpensive. Ray, Yeah we disconnected the hose under the cover to check for ice, but didn't see any. Also he keeps his boat under a vinyl carport and it was pretty warm in there. Zebedee
  7. I don't know where you're from but i usually launch at Roy's Marina (south of Geneva on Route 14) with a northwest wind. $6
  8. Was all pumped to go out Saturday on my buddy Philly's boat and try my new Wire set-ups (I had never heard of these until joining this forum). Launch at the Chamber of Commerce and his motor won't discharge any water. Must be the impeller froze in the pump......So I have to hurry and get my boat ready. I would like to steer my kicker motor with the steering wheel. Is this possible with a short shaft kicker?
  9. So if the adjacent angle is proportionally obtuse to the tangent side of the wire then I might want to reverse my propulsion force on my rod and what the heck am I talking about?
  10. I have a lot to learn I see. I've been trolling Seneca the last couple of years and a guy at work (Upgrady) introduced me to this Forum. I've been using the Canon releases at the ball as well as stackers. Usually I clamp the line straight. Are you saying that you twist the line before clamping in the release? The Canons seem to have pretty good pressure....sometimes too much. I've trolled a 1-2 lber around until pulling my lines in for the trip home before noticing him there.
  11. Does fish Hawk provide Temp and speed? How accurate are they?
  12. DEPENDS (not like the underwear...well maybe). The Fingerlakes run North/South. Geneva is at the North end of Seneca Lake with a free boat launch at the chamber of commerce (next to Ramada on routes 5&20). From here you can shoot north on Rte. 14 and launch at Sodus Point again another free launch right on Rte 14. that will dump you in Sodus bay. Seneca Falls is at the North End of Cayuga Lake...there is a launch at Cayuga Lake state park (not free) and you will have to travel south about 5 miles to get to deeper water. From here you can head North on Rte. 89 and head to Fairhaven state park (I've never launched hear but I hear it's nice). Both trips are about 50 min to an hour. Hope this helps.
  13. I've never fished for the Spring perch on Seneca but I may try my luck as well this year. I've heard the north end is usually pretty good also....right in front of high banks and off 1 mile point....there are a couple shallow marker bouys there...I have heard guys doing well there also.
  14. If the deal falls thru for the 2 Daiwa combos........I'm VERY interested!
  15. Late report I know! Went out first thing with my Dad after working all night. 0/2. Hooked a fighter over 140 FOW and 70 down. Watermelon NK behind a silver flasher. He came right to the surface with head thrashin the whole way. Must of had my drag a little tight because he broke the 17# flourocarbon leader as soon as he hit the top. My first year on the Big O so I'm still gettin adjusted. Went out and bought (Well Dad did 25# flourocarbon for leaders and 30# mono for line instead of my 17/20. Hopefully will do a little better this coming weekend. Oh ripped another loose on my way back in 120 FOW 70 down....Watermelon again....this time he let me have my spoon back. Thanks for all the reports! I'm learnin a lot! Sure beats reelin lakers on Seneca Lake!
  16. I too got my taste of the Big O this year. I grew up fishing Seneca and Cayuga. This year after a slow Memorial weekend derby I decided to try the Big Pond the weekend after. Hooked a 16# king over 140 FOW and 70 down (glow G-fly behind a flasher). They call it fishin, but now I'm the one who is hooked! Now I'm goin broke spendin gas at 4am headin north on 14 (Launch out of Sodus Bay). Awesome report!
  17. Yeah we did check out Abe's. I actually found some lures that are discontinued that have produced pretty well for me. LPEENA sp? diamond. I showed it too him and he hooked me up...That place is amazing! Bought a couple flys and a spin doctor as well. We ended up taking one small brown 62 FOW 25 ft down and a coho 250 FOW and 40 ft down. Brown was on that LPEENA diamond and COHO was on a black/purple spoon behind a black/purple dodger.
  18. Was wondering if a newbie could get some tips for tomorrow (Sat) off Sodus. I'm taking my Dad out to celebrate Father's Day. We'll probably try for some Browns untill about 8:30-9:00 and then try and find some Kings. I'd love to see him hook up with one of these monsters. We've been fishing the fingerlakes for years and are just now discovering Lake Ontario. What a contrast to pullin in a laker....."Is it a boot?....No it's a Laker!" I don't have a down temp sensor, so any help would be appereciated.
  19. I don't know about the south end, but at the North I've had good luck hanging a watermelon or green/blue/silver spoon about 3 ft off the bottom. I like to ride that 80 ft depth and bounce my balls off the 40 ft shelf. I stack a second line about 25-40 ft down to pick the shelfers up off the ridge. During the trout derby I did have good luck with the flasher/fly combo as well (Silver flasher with a glow in the dark G-Fly.) I just read in Sundays FLTimes that a guy down by Dresden? picked up a 16 1/2 lb Laker one weekend after the derby. Myself I'm headed for Ontario off Sodus Sat. AM A buddy talked me into trying it after a slow Memorial Day weekend on Seneca.....hooked into a 16LB King first time out.....I'm Hooked!
  20. I work with Hans and recently got my taste of the "Big Lake" (I grew up fishing the fingerlakes). Well he suggested a couple of spots for Browns so I decided to check it out this morning. The 4th pole was just being set up when the first released! Pulled in a couple of nice Browns before trying the deeper water for some Kings (against his reccomendation).....alas my fate was the same......trolled North from 100 FOW to 170 and back south again.....didn't mark one fish. Shoulda took his advice and stayed on the browns! Thanks Hans! BTW...I saw your Clip of the SC Troll....what a rush!
  21. Hi there! My name is Jason Martin. I grew up fishing the fingerlakes and last Saturday decided to try out the "Big Lake" after spending the memorial Day weekend trying to scrape up lakers for the trout-derby on Seneca lake. Launched at 6:30 pm out of Sodus Point and started trolling in 135 ft of water, then moved to 250 and trolled south until at 160 ft we hooked a king 40 ft down on a G-fly behind a silver flasher. Immediately he started jumping out of the water, ran 3 times before netting......WHAT A RUSH! Needless to say I'm now addicted! My Dad just gave me his old boat (a 20 1/2 ft Renken w/ 2 electric Cannons and planer boards). I have a lot to invest in.....(Temp/speed sensor, etc)...but one piece at a time. Name of the boat: I contemplated.....Divorced, Mistress, but settled on Zebedee....(He was James and John's father in the Bible....they left him in the boat whent they followed Christ). I appreciate any tips or tricks and look forward to a long adventure of fishing and teaching my two girls how to fish.
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