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  1. We've got a lot of big browns late in the morning fishing a little bit deeper water with J-13's. Primarily run black/silver, black/gold, and chartreuse/silver. We remove the trebles and add 1 single hook on the back and paint the bellys orange, especially on the chartreuse/silver. Shallower water we run the lures mentioned above and attach all with a small clip.
  2. I would also recommend the depth raider.
  3. Runnin the black daiwas for a couple years now and like them. Had the brown rods for a few years, I still use one; lost the other in a tailgate incident. Tried the blue diamonds also, but I switched back to the daiwas.
  4. I run coppers on 9'6 daiwa heartlands. You dont need a twilli tip or roller rod if you do not have one.
  5. Not a fish recipe but something tasty for a cold winter weekend. Comes out better with fresh rabbits. 2-3 rabbits (chunked) 1 cup celery sliced 1 cup carrots sliced 2 cups mushrooms sliced 2 cups potatoes cubed 1 can water chestnuts 1 onion chopped garlic (vary to your taste) salt and pepper 3 cups chicken broth 3 tbsp. corn starch 3/4 cup dry white wine (your choice) -Chunk rabbits and soak overnight in salt water -Add all ingredients except corn starch and wine and cook for 6 hours. -After six hours, mix corn starch and wine and mix well. Add mixture to pot and stir well. Let cook another 30 minutes. -Serve with biscuits, homemade bread, etc. Makes 6-8 servings.
  6. Try the Water Craft Clinic in Red Creek, NY. Had the boat in their last winter and Clint did great work. Saw some of the other work being done and it all looked good. Not sure, but I beleive Billy V had some work done there a while back that he was happy with. Here is the link to the website. http://www.watercraftclinic.com/page1.php
  7. Good to hear, I was already signed #40 but had my father and brother sign. I know some others who I'll have sign also.
  8. 2 Daiwa Great Lakes 47LC, both completely reconditioned last year: $50 each 2 Daiwa Great Lakes 47 LC, both in working condition, one spooled with 1 color of leadcore and backing: $40 each or $70 for both Buyer to pay shipping. Will entertain all reasonable offers.
  9. Screwie Louies is a Cannon repair shop and there is also St. Peters Outfitters in Oswego
  10. Spent the weekend fishing the Salmon River with Andy Bliss of Chasin' Tail. Got caught in the snow on the way up and got stuck there Sunday night cause of snow and ice at home. It was a great trip and I would highly recomend anyone who has not gone, to go. We finished Saturday 3-11 and Sunday 3-12. Heres the pics: Snow goin up 81. Now the Fish
  11. Ya know Ray them 20lb sharks work good on the copper also. You just need a 12-14ft. row bow to pull as you planer board.
  12. A good way is to use Roemer releases for your top rod. You can also use the long tethered scotty releases. I run two on one rigger alot during the summer. I usually run dipsys off the bottom rod though and clip the release right to the downrigger ball. Then I run my top rod out of a blacks just above the ball.
  13. Born on Thanksgving, 23 years ago.
  14. our best copper rigs this summer were the 400 and 450 even when the riggers were all deeper than 100ft.
  15. 270 WSM. Nice guns shells can be pricey if you dont reload
  16. I'll second that. Decided to hunt rabbits on a game lands saturday and when we left we had two large bags of garbage and a 30 inch tv. It really pisses me off when people leave stuff on public land.
  17. The best spin dr. has been covered, now what was your best spoon for the season? Is it homemade or store bought? My best spoon this season was a Stingray Fat Nancy with glow tape on the inside of the cup.
  18. I run all Daiwas. 7'6 for the spring riggers and boards, 8' for the summer fall riggers, 8'6 for leadcore, 9'6 for dipsys and coppers. These rods are cheap and durable. I've only broke one in the last three years and that was because I slammed it in my tailgate. I ran te Okuma Blue diamonds for a while and most of the inner eyelets fell out and i had one reel seat break after three weeks off fishing so I gave the whole buch of them away.
  19. Heres our biggest to date. He took a red NK 2D flatlined off wilson last May.
  20. I'm partially with Jolly on this one. Only problem is that when my dad shot his, they couldnt even get the coon dogs to eat it and they'd eat anything...almost.
  21. 1. Chrome Glow Green Dot 2. Blue Glow Crush 3. Blue NBK 4. Hammer Time 5. Chrome Frog
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