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  1. Sounds like you have a keeper there Rod! Enjoy it, time goes very fast with the kids.
  2. Do you have any info on the Raytheon Radar unit? Thanks Rick
  3. Thanks Dan, I will give them a call. Rod, I thought you would be fishing into the fall. Even thought I would get a chance to meet you up there. I will give you a call as soon as the Striper fishing picks up and we will try to get together and put some of them in the box. Rick
  4. You forgot, 46 A 1.2:A Or she must have a good job to support you Hunting and Fishing.
  5. It's a fishing thing. Sometimes you just need cool stuff and sometime the fish get smarter and they no it's not real. How come you can't wear black shoes with that dress?
  6. Them go to plan B Tell her it's you buddys and you just wanted to try it and never give it back to him.
  7. Hide the cash and just like womens shoes, when she finds the new lures tell her you had them for years.
  8. Rod, I am ready, right after I stop going up to the lake. I just got back from Ocean city and haven't been down to the hook. I hooked up with a nice fish in the inlet, but as luck would have it I was drifting towards the rocks. I bumped it in gear and at the same time the line got stuck in the reel. The knot pulled and the fish was gone. It felt like a Striper, just by the way it took the jig and ran. I found a good claim bed, must have put over 500 in the boat during the two weeks. Did you get a spot down there for next year? The site I ended up with was great! The boat was 10 steps from the RV. I have the same site for the next two years and going to call for 2011 in January. As soon as hear the Stripers are back I will give you a yell. Rick
  9. Does any one know of a place I can put my boat in the water and leave it from August 27th till Sept 30th? I will be up for Labor Day weekend and back up on weekends. I will be staying at Brennan Beach Campground. I would like something close to the campground. I called the Light House, but way too much money. Maybe someone has a dock at there house, I am quite going out in the AM. Thanks for the help Rick.
  10. Thanks for the report, nice fish! Can't wait to get up the last week of August.
  11. I am ok Bob,no copper in the house
  12. Leaving for vacation in the AM and just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th!
  13. Thanks Shawn Do you know the temperature thing is also true for diesel?
  14. Try the Lighthouse Marina on the Salmon river 315-708-4121
  15. $3.99 for reg and 4.79 for diesel here in New Jersey on land. On the water gas is $4.25 and $5.78 diesel
  16. Thanks Rod I will. You enjoy the Jimmy Buffet concert, was thinking about going, but not! I thinking of leaving the RV and boat up at the lake for the fall. I have to see how many guys want to go up. I know as of now it's going to be aleast three weeks. Let you know.
  17. No problem Rod I hear you. Too many things going on. Hope to hit the hook one last time before Ocean city. Going down for the 4th of July for about a week and a half. I hooked up with the mgr of the campground and got a site with a dock behind the rv. Hope to get to the hook for one or two weekends before I start going up to the lake. Don’t know how many times I will get up to the lake this year. Field hockey, my son’s job and the fuel cost. Fuel round trip is going to cost about $300.00 each weekend plus the cost of the campground. I think it will only be three weekends and back to the hook. I will give you a yell when the Stripers come back, pretty slow right now for them. Catching Fluke and only about 10% are keepers. Catch you later
  18. Rod, FYI I sent you a e-mail back in May and never heard back from you.
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