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  1. I rented a cabin at Lakeview Motel and headed to Wilson with buddies Dave and John for some fishiin. We launched around 10:00 Thursday and ventured out to see if we could find some productive water to fish for the LOC derby on Friday. We headed N/W out of port and set up in 50fow running 2 riggers with spoons, 2 wire divers with spinny fly rigs, and boards with a copper/spoon and 10 color/spoon rigs. It wasn't long before we were into the lakers and boated many throughout the day on a Westward troll. We did manage to hook up with some kings in the mix, but it was about a 4-1 ratio. Our most productive water was 70-90' and all rigs took fish, but the green dot spinny/ATOMMIK hammer was the MVP. Our biggest laker was 22lbs and biggest king was 26+lbs. Boy didn't we wish the derby started Thursday, but we had high hopes for Friday. Friday 5/3 We ran West to the productive water from Thursday and couldn't get all the rods set up for the first hour and a half. Same spread as the day before with each rig taking a mix of lakers and kings with a coho here and there. We boxed a bleeder 18lb laker that might make the board and the guys were pumped. Then the action died and the boat traffic was very heavy, so instead of turning around we decided to continue West to the can. After a lull that gave us time to grab some food and beverage, the port 250 copper with a NK mag takes off for Canada and it's Dave's turn on the rod and the epic battle was on as this king was pissed! We thought we were getting close to Canadian waters and seeing a couple boats outside us turning, we decided to do the same. When the king hit the deck there were high fives and a scramble for the scale which bounced between 23-24lbs so in the box he went. We trolled back toward port in deeper water and had a slow pic of mostly kings, but nothing big. Our MVP was the 250 copper with a mag NK antifreeze spoon. Dave and John went to weigh to their fish while I broke down the boat and the king was in 3rd at 23+ and the laker in 20th at 17+. A fun day was had by all. Sat 5/4 Unfortunately, John got called home, so it was just Dave and I today. We headed West again and set up in 60fow. Both riggers went down with spoons and as I was sending out the port dipsey it took off and a battle with a fiesty 18lb king was on. It wasn't long before another king would take the 10 color for a ride and then it was the lakers turn for awhile. Boat traffic was aweful, so we squeeked outside of the pack only to have our bites stop. We managed a very slow pic till 12:30 when we packed it in, but we did catch more kings than lakers. Today's MVP was the port rigger with and NK seasick waddler and stinger gator mag. Our biggest king went 19lbs. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs and wish I was there all week. Shawn
  2. Nice report John! That's a beauty of a brown Glad to see ya back on the water. Good luck in Wilson this weekend. Shawn
  3. Nice catch and report Dave! Shawn
  4. Sounds like a good "slimy" shakedown Brian - hope the boat's running good! Shawn
  5. Thanks guys! Skipper, I think I need two strings, or more fingers...... Yes, the line is a ball retriever line. Shawn
  6. Cliff, I've got a couple pair you can try out before you buy since you live close..PM me if interested. Shawn
  7. I rushed out of work today to get the "Ol" Penny out for a shakedown and a little fishin. I remembered the net but forgot the side curtains for the top and a battery for the starboard electronics and rigger. Fortunately the weather was good and I didn't need to run a second rigger. We hit the water around 3:00 and headed straight out of the chute and motored around for a bit. She ran good and everything was working fine, so we headed over toward the pump house and set up in 10fow on a westerly troll. We put out the boards and ran 4 lines with stick baits back 150'-175', a rigger down 5' and back 75' with various spoons and a flat line back 90. We trolled till around 6:00 and went 5/6 with 4 cookie cutter cohos and 1 fat 8lb brown. A storm jr thunderstick in gold and orange was the MVP accounting for 3 fish. Great evening to be on the water and even better when a shakedown goes smoothly. Shawn
  8. Welcome aboard Barndog! Shawn
  9. I'm not sure how much room you have on your rig, but a 150qt cooler would be best and could double as a seat. Shawn
  10. I'm hoping for another great year on Lake O. King - 39lbs 6oz Coho - 21lbs 5oz Atlantic - 19lbs 3oz Steelhead - 22lbs Brown - 25lbs 8oz Lake Trout - 28lbs 10oz Good luck everyone! Shawn
  11. Venison jerky is #1. Blueberry muffins from Wegmans is #2, but not necessarily in that order. Shawn
  12. Don't feel "Guilty" about being "hooked". As you said: "you fish long enough....". Hope it heals quickly. Shawn
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