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  1. Happy Birthday Mick! Hope it was a good one! Shawn
  2. I'm surprised it didn't have a bunch of tackle hanging from its mouth. Great fish! Shawn
  3. Nice buck Duckman! Love the split brows. Shawn
  4. Nice report and pics Rick! Hope to be back out there this weekend. Shawn
  5. FX


    Welcome aboard Delcojim! Hope ya make it out on the lake soon. Shawn
  6. What - no play by play text? Awesome report John and congrats on the Tyee especially by yourself AND without a net! Shawn
  7. Nice report Kooter! Good talkin to ya Sat - wish I was out there. Shawn
  8. Impressive fish and report! Were/are you able to get any info on the tagged bow? Shawn
  9. Good places to start. I went to a frame shop a few years ago to have a Lake O map framed for my folks and it was pretty pricey. Don't get me wrong - it looks great and will last a long time, but I would start at the above places first next time. Shawn
  10. X2 - the ENCON officer won't care where/who you "heard" the regs from or that you read them on LOU. Just sayin.... Shawn
  11. Here's some info: http://www.nobonesaboutit.com/index.html Shawn
  12. Hey Bill - the fishfinder works good - thanks again! Take care of that shoulder and get up here fishing soon as it's really starting to pick up. Give me a shout if you end up fishing the Oak. Shawn
  13. Great job! The pic of Grandpa and Grandson is "Priceless"! They definitely need a copy of that one. Shawn
  14. cdq - I run a '67 Penn Yan I/O - no tunnel drive. Shawn
  15. After getting blown off on Friday and unable to fish Sat, I was glad when a friend called and asked to go fishing Sunday morning. He hadn't fished the lake in a long time and wanted to bring his buddy Pierre who had never fished the Lake. Plans were made to meet me at the Oak at 5:30am. We headed N/W out of port a little after 6 and set up in 165fow running 2 wire dipsies out 150 and 190 with spinny fly combos and 3 riggers parked at 40, 55, and 65 with a KOS, NBK, and carbon14 respectively. Is wasn't long and the KOS takes a shot, but nobody home. 15 minutes go by and another hit and run on the carbon 14. Then a "lull" for awhile until we hooked up with a nice steely on the KOS and Pierre was into his first Lake O fish. He did a good job steering it to the net as it wanted deparately to get into a wire rig. I ended up putting a board out and ran a 200 copper with a rasberry dolphin for awhile with no action, so it got swapped with a 300 copper with a hammertime spinny/fly combo. That rig accounted for 2 hook-ups throughout the morning that were dropped. We slid out to 400fow and found a few kings that wanted to play and doubled on a rigger and 300 copper. All in all, we had a case of the dropsies today, but did manage to land another nice steelhead and a 22lb king. We never took a shot on the wires despite many flasher/fly and depth changes. Things slowed around 10:15 and I happen to notice there is a bag on the dash of the boat with.....bananas in it!! Needless to say, we only caught one skippy after that. It was a nice morning to be out on the water despite the fleas and flies, but more importantly getting someone else "hooked" on the great fishery we have. Our MVP for the day was the KOS spoon - reg and mag on the 65 rigger. Shawn
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