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  1. Welcome aboard Mark! Now let's hear about those nice fish you've been catchin. Shawn
  2. Welcome aboard paman! Shawn
  3. Great report Kooter! Nice job giving the kid a fish - that's what it's all about! He'll remember that for a long time. Sent you a PM. Shawn
  4. Cell phone report due to another Time Warner equipment failure!!! Fished with good friend Ed aboard the "Bite Me" both days. Wednesday we only had a few hours to fish and we headed out slooowly in the fog Eastward in search mode. Although we never found much of anything covering water from 70 - 200 with a mix of spoons and flasher fly combos covering 20 - 90' of the water column. The water was cold and we never found any warm water and only and occasional mark. We only managed 3 lakers for our efforts, but weren't really expecting much after all the NE wind. We did find a lot of bait fish near the river jumping all over the place in the boat wake. Should've tried for Browns in retrospect. On Friday we fished again with Ed and my GF and niece joined us. We headed NW out of port and set up in 200fow with 4 riggers from 25 - 80' down and two dipseys with flasher fly rigs out 120 and 140. We began trolling in and it wasn't long before the steelhead were attacking our baits. We ended up putting two boards out each with a 150 copper with a moonshine bad toad and they would end up accounting half our fish. The girls fought every fish but one and did a great job only dropping 2 of the 19 fish on. We managed 3 kings from 15-18lbs with a few skippies and and one around 8lbs and the steelies were all 4-8lbs. We stayed in 150-200fow most of the day and found the more East we went, the colder the water was. Our hot lures were a moonshine bad toad in mag and regular and a blue glow spinny with a blue moonshine fly. The NK 42nd took a few as well. A great day on the water! Thanks Ed! Back at it tomorrow hopefully. Shawn
  5. Nice report Chris! Glad you are back in action and hope there's no boat issues as a result of the "bumper". Shawn
  6. There were fleas starting to show up last weekend. With the NE winds we have had, reports are that the lake has flipped. The fleas will be in the warmest water which will probably be out deep. Good luck out there. Hoping to get out Friday and will probably be in "search mode". Shawn
  7. Thanks everyone! Ray - we've been working on a new technique of flippin fish into the boat and wackin it on the head before it lands in the cooler where we unhook it. The rod man has to know how hard to "flip" based on size of fish, tiredness of fish, wind speed and direction, wave height, barametric pressure etc. If he flips too lightly the fish bounces off the transom and is usually lost. If he flips to hard, the fish can bounce off the drivers head, hit the windshield amongst other things that make a mess. The "head-wackin" guy has to be in the right position and have good eye-hand coordination in order for the fish to end up in the cooler. A good swing and miss and he wacks himself in the crotch and it's a good "ball bustin" time. We don't have it mastered yet (actually not even close) but are havin fun trying. Any fish that gets off before the net or bounced off the transom,.....well....thats just an "ethical" release. Joking of course, Shawn
  8. After not having my boat in the water since early May, it was nice to get her wet again with good friend Dave and put some more slime on the deck. We headed out of the chute around 6AM, pointed her N/E and set down in 80fow to set up on a N/E troll. We ran 2 riggers - one parked at 55 with a moonshine carbon 14 and the other parked at 70 with Bob Fuller KOS. Also ran 2 wires - one at 190 with a dalmation spinny and hammer fly and the other at 160 with a 42nd spinny and fly. At 140fow the dalmation spinny gets wacked and we boat a 10lb king. Shortly after that the carbon 14 gets nailed by a nice steely which porpoises toward the boat and Dave has his hands full. After some "give and take" for a while, he gets it near the boat, but decides to take a left turn into the wire line and gone! In 160fow another king takes the Bob Fuller KOS on the 84' rigger for a ride and ends up in the net at 12lbs. We then had a case of the dropsies and hit and misses and landed about 1 out of 3 for awhile ending the morning at a little better than 50%. We only made a couple spoon changes swapping the carbon 14 out for a SSW which took a couple hits, but the mvp was the Moonshine bad toad which got real hot and accounted for our only double. It was mostly a spoon bite for us with the divers only taking 3-4 fish. We caught mostly kings to 18lbs, one steelhead landed and one laker to end the morning. Our best water was 140 - 160, but did take a few out deeper. A good day on the water despite the rain and hopefully back out this weekend. Shawn
  9. "a bulldog tugging on a rag. Yank yank yank..." Great analogy Mark! Sounds like you guys had a blast. Congrats. Shawn
  10. Glad you made it in safely! Also good to hear of all the response help! As previously said, a good reminder for us all to check and re-check things. Beautiful king there too! Shawn
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