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  1. Great report Mark! Hope you guys got some much needed rest. Good chatting with ya out there. Shawn
  2. FX

    Sold / Closed Boat

    Sorry to see her for sale Vic. This rig will make someone very happy as it is in pristine condition with well thought out layout of things. Good luck with the sale Shawn
  3. We started on 5/2 with the shakedown for the year and everything worked well and we managed a mixed bag of fish consisting of browns, coho, a laker, and a couple kings. We were trolling west of Port in 8-25fow with sticks off the boards and spoons off 2 riggers. Everything took fish. Highlight of the day was tripling up on kings with just 2 of us on the boat and no autopilot. We Did get 2 of them in the net and biggest was 16lbs. Definitely a nice start to the season. We fished 5/8 and 5/9 west of port again and the NE winds made for tough fishing. Same mixed bag of browns, cohos, a laker or 2 and a few kings. Couldn't find any weigh able fish but had a great time with friends. Natural colored sticks were hot and black and white spoons out produced others. Deepest fish was in 30 fow and shallow was 8fow. Congrats to all who placed in the derby. Shawn
  4. WTG Kooter! That's quite the little helper ya got there. Won't be long and he will be first mate material. Shawn
  5. Nice job Andy! Sounds like a great day. Shawn
  6. Good luck brother! Big Dave is right - try that flap jack **** fly...lol Can't wait for some pics. I got the "Ol Penny" out of the barn and fired up today and she's ready. Now to get her all rigged up again for a shakedown next week. Shawn
  7. Very nice John! That's gonna look good on your wall of fame! Shawn
  8. Nice report! Congrats on a successful shakedown. Shawn
  9. Very sorry for your loss! Prayers sent. Shawn
  10. Fished this morning aboard "Bobber Down" with Ed and Jeff and we had a blast. Headed west of port with a plan to fish as long as we could. We found some stained water that we worked all morning boating 20 or so fish. Hard to believe the weatherman was wrong with forecasted winds from the south that were actually from the N/E!!! We lasted until 11:15 or so with 2-3' waves and the wind picking up. Planer boards with lines back 50-100' running small bright colored sticks was the ticket today. We had a few doubles and 2 triples with mostly browns to 10lbs, a small coho, and a nice steelhead. Great time with a lot of laughs and "wish you were here" texts to friends who called us names.... ! At some point it was decided that Ed would be re-naming "Bobber Down" to "Bas-turd" and Jeff would be re-naming his boat "White Chitty" and as always - what happens on the boat - stays on the boat - unless you have to "dump" it overboard!!!! On a serious note: this post is dedicated to Capt. Jim Shambaugh who couldn't be out there with us today because he is battling cancer. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Here are some pics from today: Doubled up Nice brown Steelie Some browns for the grill
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