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  1. Nice buck there! Good luck with him this season. Shawn
  2. Congrats Matt! Good luck with the boat. Thanks to all who helped put on another great tournament! Shawn
  3. WTG Kooter and crew! Sounds like you guys had a blast! Although I don't think I'm going to buy any Fritos for awhile - lol! Shawn
  4. x 2!! lol Our trail cam pics are showing slower to normal growth for this time of year in central Wyoming county. Early drops last season? With more "growing season" left, it makes you wonder how big they might get. Shawn
  5. Great job! The smiles tell it all! Shawn
  6. X2 - I couldn't be happier with John's work. Shawn
  7. Chip off the ol block? Great pic Brian! Shawn
  8. Nice report Rick! Congrats to you and team on your win. Shawn
  9. Happy Father's Day to all the LOU Dad's out there and to mine - THANKS Dad for introducing me to the outdoors and all the great memories past, present, and future. Shawn
  10. FX

    Sold / Closed Boat

    That goes for both of you - Ray. My place is your place. Just let me know. Shawn
  11. FX

    Sold / Closed Boat

    Turn the page guys. It's what awaits us that's intriguing. Plenty of options for each of you. Congrats on the sale Vic. Anytime you want to fish, just say the word. Place to stay as well bud. Shawn
  12. Daiwa sea line 47lc's and Cabelas depthmaster 7-1/2'M rods work well for me. I do like the heartlands and ugly sticks too. Shawn
  13. Great report Mark! Hope you guys got some much needed rest. Good chatting with ya out there. Shawn
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