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    Go to a reputable archery shop and have them set you up. Traditions archery in Henrietta are great to work with. Shawn
  2. Great buck and story - congratulations! Shawn
  3. Best of luck in the Keys Carl! Thanks for all the laughs, good conversations, and hot fishing tips. Keep in touch. Shawn
  4. Matt, Check out an Agway store. They usually will work with you with seed, lime, feet etc. They typically stand behind whatever product they recommend and then deal with manufacturer so you don't have to. It can save you a lot of money and time in the long run plus you are supporting local business. You only pay for the amt of seed and other stuff that you need Shawn
  5. Prayers sent. Sorry for your loss. Shawn
  6. Congrats! Hope all are doing well. Shawn
  7. FX


    Persistence paid off! Nice buck - congrats! Shawn
  8. A lot of character in that rack. Well done - congrats!! Shawn
  9. Great buck Scott - congrats!
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bob! Hope you had a good one. Shawn
  11. Congrats to both of you! Can't wait to experience that with my daughter. Shawn
  12. Congrats Ray! Sorry to hear about your friends place. That kind of stuff happens way to often. Shawn
  13. Very nice- congrats! Now the rest of the story....... Shawn
  14. Interesting. Did you use a peep sight before the rear sight? Shawn
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